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What are the challenges faced by outstation students in DU? 4 helpful ways on how you can cope with them!

Delhi University is famous for its diverse student body. People hailing from different parts of India aspire to study in DU colleges. After facing a vicious competition to get into DU, outstation students face a huge challenge of adjusting in a new environment. We feel lost in a big city, till then sheltered in our parents’ embrace are all of a sudden left to fend for ourselves. So the question naturally arises of how do we outstation students cope with such a big change?

Being torn apart from our families and the warmth of our comfortable homes, it is not easy being an outstation student even in an institution like DU. Students from all parts of India find themselves united by a sense of bewilderment after finding themselves almost alone in a huge city surrounded by strangers as far as the eye can see.

Especially when you are in your first year, this change might seem overwhelming. So what are some of the challenges faced by such outstation students?

The Stress Of Finding a PG

Owing to the limited number of student accommodations provided by DU colleges, the outstation students are compelled to look for affordable and safe PGs. The process of finding a suitable PG can get draining and stressful. PG hunting requires one to put in a lot of time and energy into finding the best PG.

There are so many factors which you need to be wary of. Is the food good and nutritious? Is the locality and building safe? Are the rooms clean and renovated? Are the owners of the PG trustworthy?   So what is the solution to this dilemma?

There is no shortcut to properly exploring different PGs, to find a best fit for you. The sensible thing would be to start looking from well in advance. Then make sure to check the place in person before making any monetary commitments, and not just on the basis of what you see on the internet. Asking seniors for suggestions is also a good way to go about it. This is how you would be able to find a PG that feels like home.

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Coping with homesickness

Outstation students are faced with alienation and isolation especially in their initial days. Sometimes this feeling might persist even after many days. It is natural to feel blue sometimes but if the feeling of homesickness becomes debilitating, it needs to be dealt with. What does one do in such a situation? Homesickness can be overcome by talking to loved ones and also meeting new people. College is a formative experience in one’s life.

One must not restrict oneself in terms of socializing. Forming new bonds and having new experiences will help take one’s mind off the feelings of isolation. Being in the company of like minded, intelligent individuals will be an experience which college students deserve. If you let it, college can be a beautiful time where you find friendships that might just last you for a lifetime. This is how you overcome homesickness, by making a family of your own away from home.

Managing your expenses

A big part of living away from home is being able to manage your expenses effectively. Outstation students often struggle with spending money cautiously. We often find ourselves completely bankrupt well before the month ends! So how can we deal with this? The biggest way by which we end up spending our budgeted amount is by ordering takeout from food delivery applications. Try to eat food provided at your hostel or PG, instead of ordering out.

Home cooked food is healthier and much more economical. It is a good idea to learn cooking, if you don’t like the food made at your PG or hostel sometimes. Food ordered from outside is expensive and often unhealthy, spending money on it constantly will leave you without money. Try to walk to college instead of spending money on transportation if you live near your college.

Lastly, buy clothes from places like Lajpat or Sarojini if you are tight on money instead of spending it on brands which will rob you of your money in a fraction of a second. Living away from home teaches outstation students to spend money judiciously and we learn to appreciate the value of the hard earned money we receive.

Maintaining a Balanced life

Living away from our parents often means that we sometimes get carried away by our new found independence. It is hard to keep a hold on ourselves and maintain a disciplined lives. Seemingly trivial matters like waking up on time, not missing early classes, having proper meals gets overlooked by us. Sleeping schedules get out of hand and outstation students find themselves being awake at odd hours in the night. Such a lifestyle in the long run not only will affect our grades but also our health and well-being. What can be done to bring back discipline in our lives by ourselves?

There is no magic formula to it. You need to bring back your sleeping schedules on time, on your own means. Eating healthy, timely meals will help in doing so. A possible routine for everything while incorporating studying and socialising might be helpful. We should remember different things work for different people and there is no need to over stress or restrict yourself.

College is a place where you grow into someone who you yourself would look up to in our childhood years. Participating in competitions, being a part of societies and forming connections are important for this. 

Outstation students

So in conclusion even though it might be hard to stay away from your family sometimes, this is an experience which will shape your life for the better. The experience will make you resilient and headstrong. You will make memories in your hostel which you will treasure throughout your life. Don’t be scared to lose your friends back home, because if they are meant to stay they will even if you move across the world. You can always facetime them if you miss them!

And of course the special treatment you get when you visit home is a bonus!


1.How do we adjust to roommates whose schedules don’t align with ours?

The only logical way to deal with this is to talk to them about it directly. Confrontation in this case is necessary, although you have to do it without being crass about it. If the situation doesn’t improve, the last resort will be to consider living with someone else. However talking things out may just solve your problem.

2.How do we avoid ordering out if we don’t like the PG food?

The way to go about this is to try learning how to cook. Cooking simple dishes in your PG if the food is not to your liking some days is a good option. However if you persistently don’t like the food contact your PG owner. If you invest some time in learning cooking it will help you a lot to survive as an outstation student.

3.How do we study in the company of so many people in a PG without getting distracted?

Try to study together, for fixed timings everyday. This will help keep everyone’s routines in check. You can also study in your college library after classes some days. Do whatever suits you best, and before exams you will rarely get the chance of being distracted!

4. How do we maintain our friendships in college and back in our hometowns?

This is not something you should stress about. You should make efforts for your friends, but at the same time friendships should be comfortable and not burden you with anxiety. You can easily maintain long distance friendships if both sides are willing to give each other time and energy. Both school and college friendships are special in their own way, you just have to know which ones to keep.
If your friendships are worth it, you will know. 

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