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Course v/s College in DU, what should be your priority? Easy Guide 2022

Course v/s College: Introduction

Course v/s College in DU is a dilemma faced by a lot of students when they are not getting their desired course at their dream college. Many times students end up getting a good college but not a good course because of the infamous sky rocketing cut offs of Delhi University. For example, a student might be getting a B. A Programme at St Stephen’s and an Honours course at LSR might lead to confusion to choosing a better college or a better course.

This hugely depends on an individual’s preference and the career path they want to take in the future. For instance, if an individual wants to pursue MBA after their bachelor’s it wouldn’t matter if they have done Economics or Honours. Certainly in that case the college preference would be the priority. However, if an individual wants to be an economist then they would have no choice but to take economics in their bachelor’s.

Course v/s College: Why College Matters?

There are various reasons for college to matter-

  • Placements

Placements can be a major reason for a student to choose a better college than a better course. If an individual is getting employment opportunities after college, that can incentivise a student to make a better college. This might not mean that the student necessarily has to forgo their preferred subjects. For example, a student wants to pursue History Honours but they are getting B.A. Programme (History+Economics) at a college with higher placements than the former college, then a student can choose the latter college.

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  • College life

Another valid reason to choose college over the course is the college life and environment. If a student fully wants to enjoy their college life and is hell-bent to choose a north campus and co-educational institution then in that case college matters. For example, getting Economics Honours at Sri Venkateswara College and Honours at Kirorimal College.

  • Opportunities

Sometimes students are not very sure about the path they want to take in the future. In that case, college can play a huge role in the life of a student. Opportunities at better-ranked colleges are easier to grab and can provide a chance for the student to explore more options.

  • Faculty

If a student is sure of joining the college because of the faculty and they have a dream professor to work under, in that case as well college will matter a lot.

  • Future Path

A good college can open the path for better opportunities for an individual. This means the brand value and the tag of the college will matter a lot more than the course preference.

Course v/s College: Why Does Course Matter?

There are many reasons for the course to matter-

  • Future Plans

If an individual has a plan to make their career in a particular field/subject then it would not be sound to choose any other subject. For instance, if an individual wants to be a physicist then they cannot choose chemistry just for the sake of college.

  • Eligibility for masters

It is essential to choose subjects in bachelor’s which are eligible for the master’s course an individual wants to apply for. If an individual wants to pursue a master’s in operations research then they cannot take biology or history in their undergraduate studies. They should choose subjects like mathematics or statistics.

  • Genuine interest

An individual can be genuinely interested in a subject and wants to pursue it further and make a profession out of it. This will make choosing that particular subject important for the student.

  • Another option has no scope

Some courses do not have a lot of scopes. For instance, programme courses are not taught in as much depth as honours courses which make recruiters choose students with better degrees as compared to a better college. In that case, preference for courses would increase manifold.

Course v/s College 

The reasons mentioned above clearly depict the pros and cons of the Course v/s College debate. This shows that it depends on the individual preference and expectations of a student out of their college. 

Choosing a better college focuses on temporary and less important criteria. An individual who is not very sure of their career paths and has not envisioned their future are more likely to choose a better college. Thus the course should be given more weightage. 

However, an individual wanting to pursue a master’s degree with no eligibility issues might go for choosing their preferred college.

Course v/s College: Conclusion

Course v/s College is a difficult choice for every student and aspirant wanting to take admission at Delhi University. High cut-offs and competition has led to this tough choice among the students. Thus a student expecting a more vibrant college life, better brand value and placements can choose their preferred college.

However, if a student is genuinely interested in a subject and has a set target goal, should not deviate from it just because of a better-looking college that might shine on their CV. Thus every student should make a wise and informed decision about the same.

Course v/s College: FAQs

Should I choose college over a course at DU?

Short answer-No. A student should not choose a better college than a better course because the course matters a lot more than the college. A student usually takes a better college because of brand value and placements. Both things will matter just in the initial days of an individual’s career. However, in the long run, it is the course that would matter the most. If you are not happy doing a subject then it would not matter even if you are doing your less preferred course from the best college in the country. If you are indifferent towards your course because of your master’s plan such as UPSC, MBA then in that case a student can choose a better college.

Which is better- college or course?

It mainly depends on the individual choice. There are no criteria for a better college or course. However, the cut-offs and the competition has stirred the Course v/s College debate making the choice difficult for a student. The student should choose their preferred course in a normal scenario. However, they can go for choosing a better college if they are indifferent towards the course and their expectations from the college are mainly placements and brand value.

Does college matter DU Quora?

College matters a lot. Since an individual has to spend almost 3 years of their life in the same institution one cannot overlook the college. College matters in terms of placements, brand value, and opportunities as well.

Which is the No 1 college of DU?

Miranda House is the number one college in Delhi University as per the NIRF rankings 2021. However many argue and also keep St Stephen’s, SRCC, LSR and Hindu at the top.
Thus the number 1 college will also differ for every student because no college is the best for all the streams i.e Science, commerce and arts.

Which DU college has the best library?

This is a subjective question. However, Shri Ram College of Commerce and Lady Shri Ram College for women have some of the best libraries at Delhi University. LSR has a three-floor library which is disabled friendly and has braille facilities. Moreover, the library notices are issued in braille as well.

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