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CUET Preparation Tips 2022 | How to Prepare for CUET – Expert Guide

Common Universities Entrance Test (CUET) is a computer-based test (CBT) administered by National Testing Agency (NTA) for enrolment in 53 central universities, deemed to be universities and private universities that offer UG programs.

The NTA CUET has become the most competitive and popular entrance exam in the nation compared to other national-level exams.

More than 12 lakh students are expected to take the exam to gain admission to 53 universities. As a result, competition will be intense compared to similar national-level entrance tests.

As the competition is high, students must study well and prepare well for the exam. Aspirants must prepare meticulously as they compete with a large talent pool. Due to the relatively new nature of the examination, many aspirants might be unsure of how to prepare, what subjects to prepare for, etc.

A revision of crucial topics from chapters covered till class XII, along with strengthening aptitude and intellectual abilities, will be sufficient to clear the entrance test with good marks.

Candidates must keep track of their strengths and weaknesses throughout the preparation phase as it will assist them in developing solid areas and understanding weak areas that require more focus. Enhancing time management skills and efficiency is also essential for clearing the admission test.

We have curated a few tips to assist aspirants by helping them to understand How to Prepare for CUET Exam 2022 better, subject-wise strategies, etc. 

CUET Preparation Tips 2022

Before starting with CUET preparation, it is essential to design a road map that includes what subject to cover and when and how many hours should be allocated for each subject.

We have prepared CUET preparation tips and strategies based on the latest syllabus and pattern. There is no doubt that CUET will pose challenges for many candidates, if not all. It encompasses a large number of subjects and topics from various domains. 

When developing a CUET preparation strategy, candidates should choose a simple and practical approach. Several preparation tips have been listed below to help candidates create a preparation strategy.

Understand the Exam Pattern

The number of questions may be the same, but the paper pattern may differ between colleges. Therefore, knowing the paper pattern for a particular college is crucial to passing the entrance exam.

As per the CUET Exam Pattern, there are four sections in the entrance exam – 

  • Section 1 A: 13 Languages
  • Section 1 B: 19 Languages
  • Section 2: Domain-Specific Test
  • Section 3: General Test

Before commencing the preparation, candidates should conduct an in-depth review of the examination pattern. This will help aspirants formulate a good strategy and devote time to each section.  

Go Through CUET Syllabus

After carefully examining the examination pattern, candidates should analyze the curriculum for the subjects chosen. A candidate can develop an effective preparation strategy if they have a good understanding of the CUET syllabus. The most critical step to starting the CUET preparation is becoming acquainted with the major subjects and units covered in the CUET curriculum. CUET 2022 syllabus should be studied thoroughly by candidates to ensure they cover all key concepts.

Schedule a TimeTable

It is vital to have a proper schedule to prepare for CUET 2022 exam. Aspirants cannot study effectively unless they have an optimized timetable for the CUET 2022 exam. Candidates can design a plan that covers all essential topics and allows daily revision. The CUET preparation schedule should not be boring and repetitive. Otherwise, students may lose interest, and the curriculum may require more time to finish than originally planned. A strict adherence schedule has to be followed to allow the candidates to complete the syllabus and revise on time. Discipline is essential to following a plan, and students must adhere to their schedule and complete all topics on time as outlined in the syllabus.

Candidates should devise an optimal CUET Preparation schedule after identifying the strong and weak points in the syllabus. Aspirants should focus on strengthening their vital topics and the weak topics strong. This will help in getting admission into the most prestigious colleges.

Scheduling gives fantastic results if appropriately planned. Creating a daily study timetable is among the challenging things for the majority of students. Therefore, 

  • The daily timetable should include CUET preparation. 
  • Candidates may initially devote 1-2 hours for CUET preparation and the rest to the board examinations.

Work on Execution

Students should follow their strategy upon creating it instead of storing it in a notebook or hanging it on the wall.  Applicants must be dedicated and diligent in implementing the strategy because the CUET preparation strategy without any execution is a waste of time and money.

Make a List of Target Colleges 

Candidates must create a list of target CUCET universities or programs before beginning their preparation. Then, research the cutoffs required for admission to the desired university in the previous years. This will estimate the CUET test scores required to secure admission to a specific program at the selected college. It will also improve the overall preparedness for the approaching examination.

Newspaper Should Be Your New Friend

Reading newspapers assists in improving vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension. Candidates may read The Hindu or Times of India to enhance their English skills. At the same time, the Dainik Bharat newspaper can be read to improve the Hindi language. Candidates should also devote at least half an hour to reading and scrutinizing the newspaper’s editorial section.

Make a Vocabulary List

Applicants can strengthen their grasp of a language by compiling vocabulary notes for synonyms, antonyms, idioms, phrases, and use. They can also record new terminology and words when reading a newspaper or watching English movies. Make it a habit to review the material at least once each week, as this will help candidates remember the terminology for a more significant duration of time. Additionally, there are many apps available on google to improve vocabulary. 

Practice Mock Tests

It is crucial to practice questions after learning the concepts. Aspirants must take mock tests and solve previous year’s papers to identify gaps in their CUET preparation. Applicants may learn about the difficulty level of questions, the variety of questions, and other necessary details to help them prepare. Studying the topics and writing subject-wise assessments based on the examination pattern is critical for discovering strengths and weaknesses that can be improved. Applications should take one CUET Practice Test each week and attempt to evaluate accuracy. Undertake as many MCQs regarding the board examination syllabus as viable. This will boost confidence and prepare them for the actual exam.

Revision is the Key

Once aspirants have completed the topics and tried the short questions, they leave the topic and move on. However, aspirants must include a revision day in the study plan to stay updated on these topics. Applicants should revise what they have learned to ensure retentiveness and improve their basics. As a result, revision is essential for CUET preparation. Aspirants should schedule revision sessions routinely and can utilize sticky notes to keep track of formulae and key phrases.

Focus on Basics

Candidates must concentrate on the fundamentals for the entrance test. If the fundamentals are clear, they will be able to comprehend any complex topic. It will be easier for candidates to answer tough questions if they can commit more time to strengthen their fundamentals. As a result, applicants must focus on the fundamentals. If they still do not comprehend a concept, they should study it thoroughly. The majority of the paper will be based on concepts to check candidates’ knowledge of basic concepts.

Stay Focused & Motivated 

Candidates should adhere to their timetable and reschedule all non-essential engagements after the entrance test. Tackling every challenge, including an entrance test, requires motivation. Motivation encourages students to study boring topics and keep discipline in any situation. Therefore, the students must be motivated during CUET preparation. Students can also meditate and can exercise to stay active. 

Making Notes of Your Own

Candidates can segregate the topics based on challenging and manageable sections. Making notes will help students recall topics better and boost examination preparedness.

Wait for the Outcome

Don’t hurry for the result. All good things need time. Candidates have to wait for a particular time to get the desired result. They must not lose calm due to minor setbacks. Candidates must maintain their composure and adhere to the preparation strategy. Furthermore, candidates should try not to overthink and take unnecessary stress. This may affect performance in the exam.

CUET Preparation Tips for Section I – Language

Section I of the CUET 2022 examination is dedicated to language subjects. About 32 languages are available as options to be selected by the appearing candidates. The emphasis will be on a more broad preparation recommendation because this section of the CUET exam covers several highly varied languages in terms of their nature and method of preparation. 

  • Any linguistic subject requires the student to have a solid grasp and fluency in the language. Thus, a candidate must be well versed in the scriptures of that particular language. 
  • The grammatical syntax is one of the most important aspects to consider as different languages have different grammar rules. Candidates can improve their grammar aided by stellar books written by well-known experts.
  • The priority must be developing reading comprehension abilities, which the NTA has designated as the main exam topic for Section-I. Candidates should study different types of reading comprehension questions.

Verbal Ability (English Domain subject)

  • Increase vocabulary by reading and watching educational videos.
  • Reading comprehension is improved by reading a lot.
  • Maintain a notepad to make notes and write keywords.
  • Take sectional tests.
  • Consider purchasing a magazine to brush up on reading skills.
  • Analyze past year papers to keep track of changes in exam patterns.
  • Develop English communication skills by practicing in English

The exam will have 5-8 Reading Comprehension questions with a standard word limit of 400-450 words. Therefore, candidates must inculcate a habit of reading newspaper editorial sections or novels to perfect reading comprehension. Reading comprehension questions are based primarily on factual, literary, and narrative passages. 

Candidates’ vocabulary and grammar will improve as they practice. Candidates must speak English as often as possible with others around them. Additionally, candidates should also learn how to skip long-winded questions.

CUET Preparation Tips for Section II – Domain Subjects

Section II of the test consists of domain-specific subject areas that serve the demands of certain courses for which applicants may apply in various institutions. Applicants should select 6 domain-specific subjects from a pool of 27 domain-specific subjects. Read below the preparation suggestions for this section – 

  • Applicants must examine the curriculum of their chosen domain-specific subjects. It is critical to determine whether the applicant has access to sufficient resources to study the domain-specific subjects. Textbooks are preferred for less popular subjects since adequate internet study material may not be available.
  • NCERT study material should be prioritized for popular domain-specific subjects because they have been formally announced by NTA as the official preparation material. Candidates should also practice the MCQ questions asked in the past in the CBSE Class XII examinations. Students can also practice MCQ questions for aptitude test from MCQ booklets available for class XII exams.

This section’s problems have a difficulty level of class 12 questions. As a result, understanding the fundamental concepts of the selected subject will enable students to score high in this section. 

Candidates must choose subjects that they find very interesting and enjoy studying. Further, they should also practice MCQ questions from NCERT textbooks at easy, moderate, and challenging levels.

CUET Preparation Tips for Section III – General Test

Section 3 consists of aptitude questions that most institutions utilize to enroll students in their more general programs like courses in vocational domains, management, business, etc. This section has four primary topics – general knowledge, quantitative aptitude, current affairs, and logical thinking. Despite the nomenclature change, the subject of the general test will remain the same.

Quantitative Aptitude (Numerical Ability and Quantitative Reasoning)

  • Begin preparation with Arithmetic.
  • Improve calculation skills.
  • Avoid using too many sources at once.
  • Adhere to relevant topics.
  • Learn using mind maps to solve specific questions.
  • Use a notebook to list all important formulae 

Analytical Aptitude 

The secret to performing well in the aptitude section is practicing questions. Following are some tips for CUET preparation for aptitude sections – 

  • The study plan should include the subjects that candidates must study each day.
  • Set a time boundary for every topic that applicants are learning.
  • Candidates should not spend all their time studying tough subjects continuously. They make sure they study a variety of topics of varying difficulties. This approach can help students develop a desire to study and avoid boredom.
  • Students can take notes on key phrases or complex formulae from the study material, which will aid in revising the concepts.
  • Reduce the time allotted to a topic if applicants have studied it before. Therefore, they can focus their attention on complicated subjects.

Logical Reasoning (Logical & Analytical Reasoning and General Mental Ability)

  • Begin with fundamental concepts like missing numbers, coding-decoding, etc. 
  • Candidates should master basic reasoning before attempting critical reasoning.
  • During the preparation period, improve problem-solving ability.
  • Examine and attempt previous year’s question papers to become familiar with various possible questions.
  • Abstract thinking questions like puzzles or visual reasoning demand proper attention.
  • Focus on various types of reasoning questions.
  • To strengthen problem-solving abilities, start practicing riddles and puzzle-type questions.
  • Aspirants must practice mock tests every week to assess their CUET preparation level. 

General and Current Affairs (Current Affairs and General Knowledge) 

  • Keep up with the latest news.
  • Make a more significant effort to cover national and international events.
  • Keep an eye out for Covid-19 headlines.

Best Books for CUET Preparation

As undergraduate candidates will take this entrance test following their class XII board exams, they must develop a comprehensive study approach. The preparatory textbooks assist in understanding the subjects that are likely to be covered in the actual exam. CUCET preparation, like class 12th board preparation, necessitates extensive practice to guarantee a spot on the merit list. There is a greater need to pass the admission examination with a high score with fewer seats available in UG programs. Aspirants should not be concerned since we have compiled a list of essential books that will help prepare for the admission exam.

Importance of CUCET Preparation Books

  • Learning the concepts covered in textbooks should guarantee sufficient preparedness for the candidates. 
  • Textbooks provide up-to-date learning materials.
  • The books also feature mock examinations so that applicants may put what they’ve learned into practice.
  • Expert authors enhance the credibility and legitimacy of the preparatory books.
  • All concepts, mock examinations, and other resources are available to aspirants.

Important CUCET Preparation Books

The below-mentioned preparatory resources are suggested for candidates who want a thorough CUET preparation. NCERT textbooks provide a solid foundation for examination preparation. However, students must also access the learning resources designed exclusively for the CUET examination.

The best CUET preparation textbooks have been mentioned below:

Numerical Aptitude/Data InterpretationQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination by RS Agarwal
ReasoningAnalytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning by ArihantVerbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning RS Agarwal, S Chand Publishing 
General KnowledgeGeneral Knowledge by ArihantDisha’s Rapid General Knowledge by Disha
Analytical SkillsComplete Mathematics by LucentShortcuts in Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by Disha Experts
PhysicsClass 11th and 12th – NCERTConcept of Physics Vol 1 & 2- H.C. Verma
ChemistryClass 11th and 12th – NCERTTextbook of Organic and Inorganic chemistry- Dr.O.P Tandon
Biology11th and 12th – NCERTBiology @ Your Fingertips by Rahul Cha
MathematicsArihant Skills in Mathematics (set of 7 books)11th and 12th – NCERT
Integrated B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc/B.Sc/Integrated M.Sc in ChemistryClass 11th and 12th NCERT booksGraduation books for M.Sc
B.Tech in Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type by Khurmi R.S. and Gupta J.K.
B.A. B.Ed.B.Ed. Entrance Examination Guide by R. Gupta
EnglishEnglish Grammar in Use by Raymond MurphyCompetitive English Grammar & Composition by ArihantHigh School English Grammar by Wren and Martin
HindiIdioms, Phrases & Proverbs with Hindi Meanings by H S Bhatia, Ramesh Publishing House

CUET Preparation 2022 – Important Tips for Revision

  • Identify all issues on which candidates need to refocus their attention.
  • Create a strategy for covering topics that require attention. 
  • Candidates should begin their studies with the topics they find the most challenging.
  • Candidates should also attempt Mock Papers as it aids them with learning time management.
  • Candidates must review the previous year’s question paper to determine the crucial topics and questions.
  • Before the exam, candidates should review the topics in which they excel.

CUET Preparation 2022 – Additional Tips 

Check the important points below to boost preparation and help candidates get the best results.

  • Examine the errors. Improve on such errors for future examinations.
  • Take care of mental wellbeing.
  • Ensure to segment the time for studying into three-hour time intervals depending on the degree of difficulty.
  • Do not ignore NCERT. The candidate should not disregard or neglect it since it will serve as the foundation for CUCET preparation.
  • Coaching classes and schooling are secondary to self-study.
  • Rest frequently and focus on learning, accuracy, and time-management abilities.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours per night. Sleep deprivation impairs attention and diminishes retention capacity.
  • Staying healthy is crucial while studying for the entrance examination. Stay hydrated, eat healthy food, and avoid nervousness.
  • Maintaining a positive and focused attitude will help attain the objectives. 

How to Prepare for CUET 2022 along with Board Exams?

Aspirants with excellent time management skills will succeed in CUET and the board examinations. Candidates can score better if they are consistent throughout the preparation. Preparing for boards and CUET together is more manageable when aspirants follow a proper study plan. Prepare the timetable so that board preparation, CUET preparation for the domain-specific subjects, and aptitude preparation get sufficient time. Board exams must be the initial priority, and candidates should work on enhancing their domain subject knowledge during board exam preparation. Candidates are expected to follow this till board exams are over. After completing the board examinations, aspirants will have 4-6 weeks for CUET preparation. They should utilize this time to enhance their CUET preparation levels.

CUET Preparation 2022 – List of Best Coaching for CUET

Coaching is a popular way to pass the CUET 2022 exam and gain admission into the preferred university. Aspirants for CUET 2022 can benefit from coaching by receiving regular revisions and professional advice from specialists in the industry. For students who are willing to give CUET 2022, coaching will provide them with a higher success rate than those who do not attend the coaching. As a result, opting for offline or online coaching for CUET Preparation boosts the chances of learning and gaining new abilities. It, ultimately, makes candidates exam ready.

To prepare well for the upcoming CUET 2022 exam, candidates must select an institute. We have listed the best online coaching for CUET preparation 2022 below.

  1. Career Launcher

Career Launcher is synonymous with achievements in aptitude exams, and CUET 2022 will not be an exception. A group of professionals runs the coaching program, and the faculty members are experienced and have spent years preparing students for various entrance tests. They provide the aspirants with all the relevant information and assist aspirants in fully comprehending all components of the exam.

  1. Top Rankers

TopRankers is India’s most popular digital counseling and preparation platform for fields other than engineering and medicine, starting in 2015. They raise awareness about attractive employment possibilities after 12th grade and boost the success rate by providing the best teaching methodologies and comprehensive support. By enrolling in online coaching for CUET preparation, candidates will be able to learn concepts at their convenience, watch live or video classes from their devices, have all doubts cleared in separate doubt-clearing sessions and receive free study materials in PDF format.

  1. Byju’s

Byju’s is one of the promising online learning platforms available. The CUET preparation online live course has been carefully curated and designed to provide maximum clarity, and live classes are incredibly helpful in gaining information and understanding concepts. The faculty always prioritize doubts so that candidates can go forward without any worries or ambiguity. Quizzes, notes, and live courses cover the syllabus, ensuring that no material is overlooked.

  1. HitBullsEye

If candidates enroll in HitBullsEye, they will have numerous benefits to help them qualify for the CUET 2022 entrance exam. Candidates can access live lectures, mock examinations, sample papers, and question papers from past years at their convenience. They will access expert-written e-books and question papers with answer keys for CUCET 2022 preparation. Professors will be available via social media to answer questions. Experts will provide applicants with complete insight on how to crack CUCET 2022 via an online platform easily.

  1. Adda 247

Adda247 is one of India’s largest education technology firms and is run by a group of IIT and IIM alumni. They have qualified faculty members who help students better understand subjects by reducing uncertainties or learning impediments. Real-time queries will be answered by expert faculty members. Candidates will have access to study materials covering the entire syllabus. Candidates can put their knowledge to the test by attempting over 1000 questions and tracking their progress. The CUET Study Material syllabus is based on past years’ exams and the most recent exam format.

CUET Preparation – Wrapping Up 

We have listed some of the most effective CUET preparation tips in this post. The candidates must follow all the suggested tips religiously to crack CUET 2022. To secure admission to the preferred institution, aspirants must take action and must incorporate these recommendations into their everyday lives.

CUET Preparation Tips – FAQs

Does CUET have the same difficulty level as JEE Mains?

Both are national-level tests with the same difficulty level. However, students can get admission in various courses of undergraduate programs through CUET 2022 scores, whereas, through JEE, students can get admission in different streams of B.Tech.

How would this be handled in the case of skill-based courses with a significant practical component?

Along with CUET exam scores, colleges will conduct practical exams or interviews for skill-based courses such as art, theatre, music, dance, and sculpting. 

CUET 2022 has a negative marking?

Yes, CUET 2022 exam has a negative marking scheme. Each wrong answer deducts 0.25 points.

Where will the merit list for CUET 2022 be published? 

The CUET merit List 2022 will be displayed on the official webpage.

What must be brought to the examination venue for the CUET examination?

All applicants must bring a valid picture ID along with their hall ticket.

How will the CUET 2022 examination be conducted?

CUET will be administered online in 2022.

Are there any CUET sample papers available for 2022?

Candidates may access the CUET preparation sample papers online by visiting the CUCET official website.

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