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DRC vs Gargi College, Which one is better in 2022?

Daulat Ram College is an all-women college on the North Campus of the University of Delhi. It was founded by philanthropist Shri Daulat Ram Gupta in 1960. The college provides education at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. It is ranked 26 in NIRF rankings 2021. 

Gargi College is also an all-women college situated near Siri Fort on the south campus of Delhi University. The college, established in 1967 was ranked 16 in NIRF rankings 2021. The college offers courses in Arts and Humanities, Commerce, Science and Education for women. Gargi College has been honoured by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India with Star College Status.  

DRC vs Gargi College: Fees

The fees are decided according to the colleges and courses. Here are the One year Fees of different courses in both the colleges:

CourseGargi CollegeDRC
B.A. Hons₹12,295 ₹15,890 
B.Com Hons₹12,495 ₹16,890
B.Sc.₹ 25K – ₹ 56K₹18,580
B.A.(Total Approx)₹25K -₹ 1.24 L ₹48,000
B.Sc. Hons₹14,045 ₹19,540
M.A.(Total)₹27,000 ₹35.000
Fees Comparison of DRC and Gargi College

DRC vs Gargi College: Courses

Daulat Ram College is best known for its arts and commerce courses, yet it also offers B.Sc. Courses in various sciences like Botany,  Chemistry, Mathematics etc. The college also offers certificate courses in 6 foreign languages. DRC offers Master’s of Arts degrees too. 

The list of undergraduate courses offered is given below:

PhilosophyPolitical ScienceLife SciencesSanskrit

Gargi College is famous for its science and arts courses, though it also offers commerce courses like B.Com Honours and B.Com Programme. Apart from the undergraduate courses, the college also offers M.Sc. and M.A. courses.

The list of departments offered at the college is as follows:

GermanHistoryEnglish Hindi
Elementary Education Business Economics PhilosophyZoology
MicrobiologyPhysical EducationSanskritPolitical Science

DRC vs Gargi College: Brand Value

Both DRC and Gargi College have good brand value in terms of their faculty, crowd, alumni, and everything else. Both are decent colleges with good NIRF Rankings- which take into account the overall stance of a college. 

The colleges are all-women colleges which have given birth to strong, opinionated women and gave them a chance to prosper in a safe environment. 

Gargi, however, seems to have an upper hand with respect to their notable alumni who contribute immensely to the brand value of a college. 

The distinguished alumni of both the colleges are as follows: 


Anjana Om KashyapAishe GhoshAsha Agarwal
Rekha GuptaDr Neelam GoelADJ Kamini Lau
Ms Binita ThakurChhaya Sharma, IPSDr Kanta Bhatia

Gargi College:

Sanya MalhotraSonal ChauhanAlankrita Sahai
Huma QureshiUrvashi RautelaHina Khan
Ishita Raj SharmaShweta BhardwajBoby Techi

DRC vs Gargi College Infrastructure

DRC has a pretty decent infrastructure with a lot of good facilities. 

The college provides its own library and reading room, and well-equipped labs. DRC even has 2 Resource Centres. The auditorium of DRC with a seating capacity of over 1400 is the largest in DU. The DRC hostel has been considered the best hostel in DU for the last 11 years. 

DRC is also one of the few DU colleges offering courses in foreign languages. The college also has medical facilities, a food court and a good Wi-Fi network on the campus. 

On the other hand, Gargi College has a good well-developed infrastructure. There are well-equipped laboratories and classrooms. The faculty is also amazing, well-learned experienced professors who are distinguished in their respective fields. 

DRC vs Gargi College Campus

The main difference between these colleges is that DRC is on the north campus while Gargi is a south campus college

The north campus is vibrant, peppy and gives the much-talked-about DU student life experience. You are surrounded by one of the best colleges in India and it gives a very good opportunity to network and enjoy diversity in friends. You can easily visit other colleges to attend their fests and competitions which is a little tough in a South campus college.

The politically charged and lively environment of the north campus might not be a preference for students who wish to experience peaceful college life in solitude. It is not problematic but keeps the campus alive. However, after weighing the pros and cons, nothing can beat the experience of a north campus college. 

Gargi College lies on the south campus near Siri Fort, close to some other colleges of DU. There are a lot of options to choose from to hang out with friends like the Hauz Khan deer park, Siri Fort Sports Complex and  Chandni Chowk Bazaar to name a few.

The college has a very good infrastructure with good facilities like a cafeteria, sports complex, medical facilities, auditorium and well-equipped labs. The campus is Wi-Fi friendly. There is also a shuttle service for college students. 

DRC vs Gargi College: Crowd

The crowd at both the colleges is good and diverse, given the moderately high cutoffs both these colleges have.

Both the colleges are all-women colleges, which gives a new perspective to your thinking and thought process especially if you have a co-ed background. These colleges empower girls into women leaders who know how to express themselves and keep their points forward. You find all kinds of people at all the colleges. So is the case here. You can find nerds, all-rounders and sportspersons amongst you. 

The environment in both the colleges is a little competitive in a healthy way and you can learn a lot from your peers. 

DRC vs Gargi College: Clubs and Societies

Clubs and societies are the most enjoyable and attractive parts of DU college life.
Both the colleges offer a huge number of societies to be a part of. 

DRC just like many other DU colleges also has the NCC/NSS/NSO service options. Volunteers with completed 120,200 or 300 hours get certificates of merit.  

There are more than 19 societies/clubs in the college. The societies are diverse and are academic(Gandhi Study Circle), and women-oriented ( Women Development Cell, Entrepreneurship Cell, FIC etc.). 

The charm lies in the extra-curricular based societies like the Quiz, Fine Arts, Photography, Western Dance, Indian Music, Marketing, Film, Eco Club, Western Music, Classical Dance, Theatre and poetry.

You can learn about each one in detail, here.

Gargi College has one of the most active societies in DU and has more than 24 in number. 

It boasts a huge number of extra-curricular, non-academic societies like the English Creative Writing Society, Western Dance, Quiz, Indian  Music, Choreography, Dramatics, Marketing, Photography, theatre, fine arts and a lot more. 

Gargi College, however, does not have an entrepreneurship cell which is the need of the hour today considering the boost in our country. 

You can learn more about the societies of your choice at Gargi, here.

DRC vs Gargi College Placements

Placements are the most lucrative part of being a student at Delhi University. Let us see what these colleges have to offer:

Daulat Ram College has a decent placement record with the average package being 1.5 LPA and approximately 94-95% of students placed. The highest salary offered was 4 LPA. Top recruiters include the Big4 too apart from other organisations like Wipro, Vedantu, Chegg, BYJUs etc. 

Gargi College gives the students lots of opportunities to take part in webinars, seminars, workshops and internships. 

Gargi seems to be having an upper hand here with 195+ companies hosted in the recruitment period which shelled out 140+ offers. The highest package was 19.25 LPA and the average package stood at 4.38 LPA. 

You can access the placement report 2020-21 here


Gargi College and DRC both colleges have their own set of pros and cons. It is now up to you to decide by weighing your priorities and the course you are getting. 

If you wish to explore the ever-famous DU student life at the campus then you should go with DRC as it is located on North Campus near so many other colleges. It is also preferred if you wish to pursue commerce or arts courses.

Meanwhile, if the sciences are your priority then you should be up for Gargi College on the South Campus.

Moreover, you should make the final decision after weighing the pros and cons including the travel time.  

Refer to our DU college comparison guide for more such blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DRC better than Gargi?

Both colleges are great with each having some pros and cons. You should weigh them correctly and then decide. A student wishing to pursue commerce commerces should prefer DRC. You can also enjoy the DU life at the North Campus.

Is Gargi better than DRC?

Both Gargi and DRC have their own set of pros and cons. However, you should prefer Gargi for Science-based courses. It lies in the South Campus though. 

Which college is better DRC or Gargi College?

Both DRC and Gargi College have their advantages and disadvantages. It is up to you to choose from them according to your situation. Choose DRC for a north campus student life or Gargi for a peaceful, south campus student life.

Is Gargi College on North Campus?

No, Gargi lies on the south campus. It is also ranked 16 in NIRF ranking 2021.

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