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DU LLB Preparation Strategy 2023: Your Way Up to Success

DU LLB program is a full-time three-year law course extended by the Faculty of Law i.e. the legal department of the University of Delhi. Its reputation precedes it as the institution boasts of an enviable body of alumni including sitting Supreme Court and High Court judges and former chief justices, political figures, and legal practitioners who are giants in the legal world. Read the entire post for a solid DU LLB Preparation Strategy to ensure your entry to the prestigious Law Faculty of DU.

Overview of DUET for LLB

DUET for LLB is the entrance examination conducted for admission to the three-year law program of the University of Delhi. The student must hold be a graduate from a recognized university to qualify for admission. The admitted candidates are allotted one of the three centres of the Faculty of Law i.e. Campus Law Centre, Law Centre-I & Law Centre-II. 

The number of seats (approximates to around 2800 seats depending on the academic year) is equally divided among all centres and allotment is done according to the rank and merit of the student in the DU LLB Exam preparation. So the higher the rank, the higher would be the student’s chances to choose the centre he wishes to pursue his studies from. 

In order to secure a seat in the coveted institution, it is not advisable for an aspirant to jump into preparation blindly without a proper DU LLB Preparation Strategy in place beforehand. It is crucial for a student to understand that the DU LLB exam pattern is different from other competitive exams for law. An aspirant is advised to focus and prepare separately for DUET for LLB.

We’re here to help you solidify your DU LLB Preparation Strategy for maximizing retention in a minimum amount of time.

DU LLB Entrance Exam Highlights

DU LLB Entrance Exam (DUET for LLB) is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on behalf of the university in online mode with exam centres spanning 18 cities across the country.

The candidate is tested on four areas i.e. Analytical Abilities, English Language and Comprehension, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and Legal Awareness and Aptitude. Your DU LLB Preparation Strategy will revolve around perfecting these areas.

The paper is objective carrying 100 MCQs each carrying four marks. One mark is deducted as negative marking for each incorrect answer. 

The DU LLB Exam Pattern is summarized below

Mode of ExamOnline Mode
Duration of Exam 120 Minutes
Exam TypeObjective (MCQ)
Total No. of Questions100
Total Marks for Every Question4 marks
Negative Marking1 mark
DU LLB Exam Pattern

Now that you have a gist of the DU LLB Exam Pattern, let’s delve into the DU LLB Preparation Strategy to equip aspirants with some important pointers to keep in mind.

DU LLB Preparation Strategy: General Guidelines

The Faculty of Law, DU witnesses thousands of aspirants every year to procure a seat in the prestigious institution. Let us give you a walkthrough of some simple guidelines for a well-crafted DU LLB Preparation Strategy so that you can ensure your place in the DU Law Faculty.

  • Set achievable goals

Often in a bout of motivation and enthusiasm, aspirants tend to set goals that are unrealistic given the vastness and difficulty of the DU LLB entrance exam. It is advised that students set up small and achievable goals as a part of their DU LLB Preparation Strategy as it can be difficult to keep pace with unrealistic goals in the long run. 

  • Study the syllabus and previous year’s question papers thoroughly

Jumping blindly into preparation without knowing the type of questions asked for each topic would prove to be detrimental to success in the DU LLB entrance exam. Study the syllabus topics and previous year’s question papers (at least the past five years) to give yourself a fair idea of the type of questions asked. This would enable aspirants to pinpoint important topics and will help them cover the syllabus faster in an organized way. 

  • Create a study plan beforehand

Creating a study plan allows aspirants to cover more topics comprehensively every day in dedicated time slots for every section that directly helps them to set achievable goals as aforementioned. This will help create a study route that is not too overwhelming which can also include leisure time to avoid burnout. 

  • Decide on resources before starting preparation

There are a lot of resources available for DU LLB preparation strategy and often students tend to waste time reading the same topic from multiple resources. 

Avoid investing your time and money in multiple books. Research the books and study material first (we have a list given below for every section that you can refer to) and stick to the one based on ease of language, concept explanation, and other factors that suit you. 

  • Make your own notes

A student may borrow a successful candidate’s notes for preparation but nothing beats a strategy that is molded according to your strengths and weaknesses. Preparing your own notes is the perfect way to study smart to help keep track of your prepared topics. You can tweak them for a quick revision later which would take less time. 

  • Solve previous years again and take mock tests

Mock tests form an integral part of your DU LLB Preparation Strategy beneficial in creating an environment conducive to an exam where a student can practice solving questions from all the topics at once in a limited time frame. A student can choose to enroll in a mock test series instead of coaching classes to adjudge his/her performance and problem areas. Keep solving previous year’s question papers as they are often repeated in the exam. 

  • Repeat Revisions 

Covering the syllabus once will not guarantee your seat in the DU Law Faculty. Plan your study schedule so that you can revise the syllabus at least twice before attempting the DU LLB Entrance exam. This would also enable you to keep a tab on your doubts and problem areas and judge how you’ve improved over a time period.

Now that you have the basic strategies in your arsenal, be mindful of the following topic-wise pointers for a solid DU LLB Preparation Strategy.

DU LLB Preparation Strategy: Topic Wise Pointers

We have culminated section-wise dos and don’ts for a comprehensive DU LLB Preparation Strategy so that you don’t lose sight of the simple yet overlooked tips!

Analytical Abilities


This section is approached differently by every aspirant. One may have a stronghold on one analytical topic depending on the individual acumen of the aspirant. Keep the following in mind.

  • Look at previous years’ question papers to pinpoint your strong areas and areas which require regular practice.
  • Stick to the instructions provided in the question. Point out the important keywords first and then approach the question. 
  • Come up with short tips and tricks of your own to approach a particular question. 
  • Try to reduce the time taken to solve a particular question as you progress in your preparation. This will ensure you do not exceed your time limit in the entrance exam. 


Universal’s Logical Reasoning for CLAT, LSAT, and other Law Entrance Exams Jain Prateek 
Analytical ReasoningM. K. Pandey
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsRS Agarwal
DU LLB Preparation Strategy Books for Analytical Abilities with Amazon Links

English Language and Comprehension


DU LLB Entrance demands a good command over the English language as most of the instruction in classes in English medium. It is important for a student to have a solid grip on grammar, not only for the entrance exam but also for an effective understanding of concepts. 

  • Practice reading comprehension on a regular basis. Do not approach them in bulk in one day as a student improves cumulatively in comprehension just like practicing analytical questions.
  • Learn at least 5-10 new words every day to add to our vocabulary.
  • Reading the newspapers will not only help in this building vocabulary and reading speed but will also help you cover current affairs. Pay attention to the usage of grammar as well while you read. 


Objective General English        S P Bakshi 
High School English Grammar and Composition KeyWren and Martin
Word Power Made Easy Norman Lewis
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningR.S. Aggarwal
DU LLB Preparation Strategy Books for English Language and Comprehension with Amazon Links

General Knowledge and Current Affairs


This section requires constant updates and it is quite overwhelming to find comprehensive material on it as current affairs is a vast topic to cover. However, a student should not get daunted by the same. Keep the following in mind. 

  • Make reading the newspapers and current affairs magazines like Pratiyogita Darpan on a regular basis to stay updated on the global developments. You can take an online subscription to the magazine for ease of access. 
  • You can watch youtube videos of daily newspaper analysis of the Hindu or other similar newspapers. It is a tactful way to cover vast topics in a more streamlined manner in less time. 
  • Dedicate an hour to update your current affairs every day as it would be difficult to cover them if they are not covered on a daily basis. 
  • General Knowledge can be covered by dedicating a time slot for practicing MCQs daily. 


Pratiyogita DarpanPD Group
Current Affairs YearlyArihant
Objective General KnowledgeSanjiv Kumar
DU LLB Preparation Strategy Books for General Knowledge and Current Affairs with Purchase Links

Legal Awareness and Aptitude 


This section is often the most challenging to aspirants in formulating a DU LLB Preparation Strategy as it is new and often confusing. However, the more you expose yourself to new questions, the more clear your concepts would be. Keep the following in mind to ace this section in exams>

  • Often questions in this section are formulated to confuse the candidate. Stick to your concepts and refrain from assuming. 
  • Subscribe to Live Law and keep track of the latest legal developments on each topic. They also regularly update a weekly round-up of important judgments. Their ‘KnowTheLaw’ section on their app is also beneficial to brush up on legal concepts. However, stick to your syllabus topics as the app covers the entire legal developments which are often outside the scope of your syllabus. 
  • A thorough understanding of the topics related to the Constitution and polity will form a good base for your preparation for other legal concepts as well. 
  • This section is memory intensive. Multiple revisions are advised for this section.  Read the landmark judgments and sections again and again for a better understanding. 


Legal Awareness and Legal ReasoningAP Bhardwaj
Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning (LA and LR) for CLAT and Other Law Entrance ExamsWiley’s ExamXpert
DU LLB Preparation Strategy Books for Legal Awareness and Aptitude with Amazon Links

Concluding Thoughts

These tips and strategies will make your DU LLB Preparation Strategy more streamlined and comprehensive. Aspirants are advised to avoid focusing on multiple resources despite the overwhelming number of materials available in the market. It is advised to make a DU LLB Preparation Strategy that is tailor-made according to what suits a candidate. The key is not to study hard but smart. A candidate may be comfortable with the visual mode of revision like YouTube or educator platforms like BYJUs or Unacademy, or they may opt for printed study material as provided in this blog post. Stay tuned for more updates on DU LLB on Inside DU!

If you wish to know more about DU LLB, Law at DU, DU offerings for law students then visit our Law from DU blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are there in the DU LLB Entrance Exam?

The DU LLB Entrance Exam (DUET for LLB) is conducted in online mode and comprises 100 objective-type questions carrying 4 marks each.

What are the subjects for the DU LLB Entrance Exam?

The candidate appearing for DU LLB Entrance Exam is tested on four areas i.e. Analytical Abilities, English Language and Comprehension, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and Legal Awareness and Aptitude. 

What is the difference between DUET, AILET and CLAT?

DUET for LLB is the entrance exam conducted for admission to the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. AILET is the exam conducted by NLU, Delhi which conducts a separate entrance exam as opposed to other NLUs which hold a common entrance test i.e. CLAT.

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