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DU Short-Term Courses You Must Do in 2022

Most of the students studying in Delhi University are not aware of the decent short term courses offered by DU. As a student, having a regular degree these days is not enough. You need to excel at extra-curricular activities too as most employers today demand good soft skills and communication skills in job-seekers. 

Delhi University has several extra DU short-term courses to help students learn their subject skills better, get better at soft skills like communication and leadership or even learn a new language and earn a diploma in it. 

These DU Skill courses are extremely beneficial and you should totally not miss out on them as they can improve your chances of landing a better job. You will learn how to manage your time better and work in your field of interest and improve your skills. 

DU Short-Term Courses

In this article, we will be covering all these DU short-term courses which you can do along with your college to boost your CV and learn new skills along with a certification from such good colleges under Delhi University. 

1. Mass media, Marketing and Advertising Communication

This course will enable students to delve into marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. This will improve their presentation, outreach and communication skills. Along with this course, doing internships will also add a lot of value to your CV. Learn the technicalities in this course and apply them side by side in internships. This will help you work on your skills and improve your resume at the same time. 

Fees – 15,000 Rupees

Duration – 6 Months

Colleges offering this course – Gargi College, Hansraj College, Jesus and Mary college 

2. Language Learning Courses

Learning a new language is always beneficial. Always. Especially if you wish to pursue a Master’s abroad these languages certifications/diplomas hold great value as it adds to your personality and skills. 

Many DU students pursue any of these language courses along with their regular college degree as it adds great value and importance to your CV. Don’t do these courses just for the sake of CV though, show some interest and put the effort in to learning the language. It will help you in the long run. 

Also since these courses are high in demand and the seats are limited, students are admitted through merit -the usual DU cut-off way. The exact admission process varies from college to college.

Fees – 12,000- 25,000 rupees

Duration – 1 year

Colleges offering this course – Hindu college, Gargi College, SGTB Khalsa College, St. Stephen’s College, Daulat Ram College, College of Vocational Studies, Sri Venkateswara College, Ramjas College, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Kamla Nehru College. 

3. Mass Communication and Media

This is another great skill course for the students of journalism and mass communication or even writers. It will complement your B.A. degree perfectly and you will learn the industry standards and terminologies extensively. This course can be beneficial for you if you are willing to put in the work needed to improve your skills and work on projects. 

Fees – 30,000 rupees

Duration – 6 months 

Colleges offering this course – are Gargi College and Hansraj College.

4. Travel and Tourism Management 

The travel and tourism industry in India is estimated to reach US$ 125 billion by the year 2027. The travel and tourism industry is on the rise and so is the demand for specialised and skilled managers. This is one of the most beneficial DU Short-term course where you can learn how the industry and job market works, the scope of growth in the industry and eventually helps you get a job in the tourism industry.

Fees – 12,000 – 18,000 rupees

Duration – 3 to 6 months

Colleges offering this course – Sri Venkateswara College and Miranda House

5. Media Studies

Marketing and media students this is your chance to outshine others with a professional certificate, personalised guidance and 6 month-long practical training in this field. You will learn about marketing, mass media, and digital marketing and this will really give a boost to your skill sets and help you land good internships before you graduate. This is a must-do course if you wish to enter the mass media and marketing industry.

Fees – 15,000 rupees

Duration – 6 months

Colleges offering this course – Jesus and Mary College and Miranda House

6. Event and Sports Management 

Description – The love for sports is only rising and with this, the need for sports and event managers is rising too. There are many handsomely paying jobs for sports managers and this career has a lot of potentials. You can pursue this course if you wish to make a career in the same field and adding this professional training certification will help you get jobs because this industry is very niched down. Event management and sports management can be really tricky, so learning from experienced mentors can really help. Don’t miss out on this course. 

Fees – 12,500 rupees

Duration – 3-6 months 

Colleges offering this course – SGTB Khalsa College and Jesus and Mary College 

7. Banking and Financial Services 

This is an extremely beneficial course for students of economics, commerce and finance. The course will introduce them to the basics and concepts of the banking sector and what jobs this industry provides. This course will prove to be beneficial when looking for job opportunities as it adds an impression of your keen interest in the industry via the professional certificate. 

Fees – 15,000 rupees

Duration – 6 months 

Colleges offering this course – Jesus and Mary College and Gargi College 

8. Courses on Computer Applications

Today, every person needs to have basic knowledge of technology and how it works to survive in the job market. Especially after Corona Virus Pandemic, everybody had to learn to work with technology in their favour. If you feel you need formal and practical training in computer applications and feel more confident in your life and professional career then this course can be the first step towards it. You can learn from the basics, develop your aptitude and learn computer applications in a practical way within 2 months. 

Fees – 8,000 rupees

Duration – 2 months 

Colleges offering this course – Miranda House

9. Filmmaking and Acting based course

Description – Acting, directing and filmmaking are one of the most artistic professions. DU especially has a lot of drama and filming clubs or college societies which help the student in finessing their work. You can top up your game with a professional certification which will hone your skills and expertise if you wish to get into the industry of acting and filmmaking. 

Fees – 30,000 rupees

Duration – 3 months

Colleges offering this course – Hansraj College 

10. Hindi Journalism 

Description – With more than 6700 newspapers and 186 million readers of Hindi newspapers, Hindi journalism has a lot of scopes. For students of Hindi journalism, pursuing a side course like this will help them gain practical experience in their field of work. A detailed study of Hindi writing and reporting, presentation and reading will help you understand the real work at a job.

Fees – 15,000 rupees 

Duration – 6 months 

Colleges offering this course – Jesus and Mary College and Vivekananda College 

11. Photography and Web& Television Journalism

Description – Television & Web Journalism and photography are always in demand. This course is another opportunity for the students of Mass Media, communication and Journalism to learn these aspects more professionally and help them understand the work and nuances in the life of a blogger, photographer or news videographer in a better manner. This course will be really beneficial for them. 

Fees – 20,000 rupees

Duration- 3 to 6 months 

Colleges offering this course – Jesus and Mary College, SGTB Khalsa College and Hansraj College

You can find all the courses along with some new ones at the official DU Short-term courses website, here.

These are some of the DU skill courses you can do with your regular college to enhance your skills and get better job opportunities. You can get admitted to these courses after you have completed your 10+2 and benefit from it by doing them with your regular degree. The courses are also well accommodated to suit the timings of graduation students so you can attend the classes easily without missing your college lectures. 

The admission to these courses takes place on the basis of merit( the same DU Cut-offs way), but some colleges take an entrance examination for some courses. For example, to get admitted to the short-term course in Computer Applications at Miranda House, you need to pass their written exam first. These courses will always help you add value to your CV and enhance your job opportunities. Remember: today skills are as important as a good degree, if not more. 

So keep working hard to learn and develop more skills which suit your job ambitions and industry expectations.

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