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Gargi college v/s JMC, Who should you choose? Full Guide 2022

With the end of school life, students start looking for colleges they want to enrol in and face difficulties in accomplishing the same, since there are so many good options for them to choose from. Gargi College and Jesus and Mary college AKA JMC are 2 such colleges that have a competing image in the students’ eye. While both colleges are amalgamated in the Delhi University and are centred in the south campus, there are certain distinctions between them that students must take care of, and consider while giving out their college applications. 

Gargi College was established in 1967, and it is one of the top colleges in the South campus for women. The college is ranked 9 for ARTS, 12 for SCIENCE and 14 for Commerce.

Jesus and Mary College or JMC is a constituent institute of the Delhi University and is taken care of by the sisters of the Jesus and Mary Congregation, emerged in France in 1818. The college offers various courses belonging to the science, commerce and arts department.

Gargi college v/s JMC : Courses and Fees

Both the colleges offer a number of courses in all the departments of science, commerce and arts. The summary of the same is listed below. 

Gargi College

Course Fees [ 2 courses ] INR 24.16K (3 years)
B.A. [ 29 courses ] INR 24.16K – 1.24L (3 years)
B.EI.ED [ 1 course] INR 65.64K (4 years) [ 8 courses] INR 24.91K – 1.24L (3 years) [ 1 course ]INR 29.06K (2 years)
M.A. [ 2 courses ] INR 26.56K – 27.76K (2 years)

Jesus and Mary College

Course Fees [ 2 courses ] INR 46.83K – 49.83K (3 years)
B.A. [ 24 courses ] INR 46.83K – 49.83K (3 years)
B.EI.ED [ 1 course] INR 73.76K (4 years) [ 1 course] INR 49.83K (3 years)
Certificate [ 4 courses ] INR 15K (1 year)
M.A. [ 2 courses ] INR 34.09K (2 years)
B.voc [ 2 courses ] INR 75K (3 years)

For more information on individual courses click here.

Gargi college v/s JMC : Brand Value 

When students research about college, one thing they pay most attention to are the rankings, higher ranking assures the student and their guardians and motivates them to place their trust on that particular college. The ministry of human resource releases a ranking list of the top educational institutions via National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) every year.

The NIRF report is prepared on the basis of several specifications such as Teaching, Learning, Professional practices, outreach and inclusivity and more. The report of 2021, shows Gargi College being placed at the 16th position all over India in the nirf rankings, whereas JMC secured the 41st rank as of 2021. The rankings of 2022 are still due to be announced. NIRF rankings are one of the most important criteria considered by a student while enrolling into a particular university/college.

The ranking is used as a brand building activity, as a better rank improves the brand perception in the students’ eye. Therefore, according to the brand image and perception among the society, Gargi College definitely proves to be of advantage and holds a greater weightage than JMC in this avenue. 

Gargi college v/s JMC : Infrastructure 

Gargi college was named after an intellectual woman named  Gargi Vachaknavi, figuring in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad of the Vedic Age. The college possesses great infrastructural facilities, all classrooms are well equipped and the entire campus is wifi enabled. The lush green gardens and the seating space and capacity are a big advantage in the infrastructural avenue. 

On the other hand, Jesus and Mary College was founded in 1968 and started with 116 students. The college established the placement cell 1998 and was the first one to do so before any other DU college. Initiating with one, now there are around 50-60 companies which hold on-campus interviews for placement drives in the college. 

The various infrastructural facilities of the 2 colleges are as follows:

Gargi CollegeJesus and Mary College
A library consisting of a collection of more than 71315 books, 10 subscribed newspapers and 55 journalsLibrary spread over three floors, provides a wide range of newspapers, magazines, books and other printed material.
Cafeteria Cafeteria
Nescafe kiosk Gymnasium (indoor and outdoor)
Sports complexSports complex
Hospital and medical facilitiesHospital and medical facilities
Auditorium with a seating capacity of 720 along with a balcony, fully air conditioned with solar system as well. Auditorium with a seating capacity of around 600 people. Double storeyed with 6 exits and 2 green rooms and generators for power backup.
Wifi CampusWifi campus
Shuttle servicesShuttle services
Computer center Multipurpose halls 
Seminar halls Amphitheater 
Lecture theatersChapel and convent
BankDifferently abled friendly campus
Common roomAudio visual room
Gargi College v/s JMC : amenities and infrastructural facilities

Gargi college v/s JMC : Societies 

Both the colleges Gargi College and JMC, have a number of cultural and non-cultural societies for students to be a part of. 

There are a total of 26 societies in Gargi College namely:

  • Anubhuti : The Hindi writing society
  • Upstage : The Dramatics society
  • The Marketing Society (TMS)
  • Kshitij : The Street play society
  • Eco club
  • Sparx : The Choreography society
  • Glass eye : The Film society
  • Placement Cell
  • Euphony : The Western Music Society
  • Samranjani : The Indian Music Society
  • Enliven : The Western Dance Society
  • Sameeksha : The Hindi Debating Society 
  • QED : The English Debating Society
  • Nazaakat : The Indian Dance Society
  • Unmukti : The Women’s Development Cell
  • Quizzito : The Quiz Society
  • Public and media relations
  • Quilluminati : The English Creative Writing Society
  • Navdrishti
  • Iris : The Photography society
  • Hues : The Fine arts society
  • Gandhi study circle
  • Equal Opportunities Cell
  • Enabling unit
  • Enactus
  • NSS
  • NCC

The various societies of Jesus and Mary College are as follows:

  • Troubadours : The English theatre society
  • Poetry society
  • Mudra : The Western Dance Society
  • Daastan : The Art and Architectural Society
  • English Debating Society
  • Manthan : The Hindi Debating Society
  • Kahkasha : The Hindi Dramatics Society
  • The entrepreneurship cell society
  • Enactus JMC
  • Equal opportunities cell
  • Panorama : The film making and appreciation Society
  • Finance and investment cell
  • Fine arts society
  • Indian culture societies
  • Cauldron : The English Magazine Society
  • Echo : The Western Music Society
  • Mercatus : The Marketing Society
  • JMCMUN society
  • Photography Society
  • Puzzle society
  • Curiosus : The english quiz Society
  • Green society
  • NCC
  • NSO
  • NSS
  • Peace Society
  • Women’s studies centre
  • North east society 

Gargi college v/s Jesus and Mary College : Crowd

Both the college Gargi and JMC are all girls so the crowd is decent , there are people of difficult racial and economic backgrounds, yet the feeling of unity and equality always prevails, there has been several stricts measures and laws established against ragging and it helps the students to form a bigger and better friend circle and their mental health maintains.

According to student responses, the crowd of JMC is quite diverse as majority people are from outside Delhi, but there is no discrimination that prevails. College societies are a good option, if one wishes to meet students of different ethnicities and develop friendships with them. Depending upon the students and crowd, both the colleges are good and stand at equal position in this avenue.

Gargi College v/s Jesus and Mary College : Placements

As mentioned earlier the first placement cell was established in JMC, therefore there are a number of reputable companies who conduct their in person interviews every year in the campus. More than 100 reputed multinational companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Bain, Wipro etc. recruit students from the college. The placement cell also organizes various seminars for skill development of the students. 

On the other hand, the Gargi college placement cell is no less, the placement cell of Gargi college, also provides internship opportunities for the students from a host of companies including, EY, Google Ad Words and many more. The placement cell works towards the holistic development of all the students every year and aims to achieve greater heights. In the most recent year, a lot of new companies like EY INDIA, Deloitte, PWC, ITC, Josh Talks, EZ Mall etc.  came in the Gargi campus and recruited students

Gargi college v/s Jesus and Mary college: Culture

The rules laid down by Gargi College in reference to the attendance states that 66.6% of attendance is compulsorily required in the total for all courses in Theory, Practical and Tutorial Classes. Those who fail to acquire the mandatory attendance will be DETAINED in the semester or final examination. All short attendance details are available with course or department in-charge as well as the college website. Individual letters will not be sent. Marks will be given to those whose attendance is more than 66.6%.

The rules laid down by JMC in reference to the attendance requirements, states, 5% for attendance in lectures and tutorials; the credit for regularity in attendance in each paper shall be as follows:

  1. More than 67% but less than 70% will be awarded  1 Mark
  2. More than 70% but less than 75% will be awarded  2 Marks
  3. More than 75% but less than 80%  will be awarded 3 Marks
  4. More than 80% but less than 85% will be awarded  4 Marks
  5. More than 85%  will be awarded 5 Marks

The discipline and the values inculcated are upto the mark in both the options therefore the student must research and choose their college depending upon the field of study and what they want from their college. 

Gargi college v/s JMC : Conclusion

According to the full analysis conducted, there is no huge difference observed between the two colleges, from societies to the college crowd and culture, both the colleges Gargi college and JMC seem to be equally good and a great option for students to enroll in. however some things need to be kept in mind :

  • JMC is one of the few women’s colleges to offer a Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Studies. It is also the only college in DU to offer both Healthcare and Retail Management as areas of study. 
  • If a student keeps the NIRF rankings in mind while choosing a college, Gargi College wins the race in that avenue. 
  • JMC is considered to be one of the top colleges for the students from the commerce background, on the contrary, Gargi College is ranked best in the departments of science and arts. 

In the end, one thing is certain and that is, no matter if one chooses Gargi or JMC, they will get ample opportunities to grow and become better in their field of study because both the colleges and their faculties are working hard everyday to provide quality education to the students. 

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Gargi college v/s Jesus and Mary College : FAQs

Is Gargi College better than JMC?

The college is ranked 9 for ARTS, 12 for SCIENCE and 14 for COMMERCE. Gargi College is ranked best in the departments of science and arts. If a student keeps the NIRF rankings in mind while choosing a college, Gargi College wins the race in that arena.

Is JMC better than Gargi College?

Answer : The college offers various courses belonging to the science, commerce and arts department. JMC is considered to be one of the top colleges for the students from the commerce background. JMC is one of the few women’s colleges to offer a Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Studies. It is also the only college in DU to offer both Healthcare and Retail Management as areas of study. 

Is attendance mandatory in Gargi College?

Yes, around 66.6% of attendance is mandatory in Gargi College, marks are also allotted for the same.

What is the annual fest of Gargi College?

The annual fest of Gargi College is called Reverie, a 3 day extravagant event with various performances and celebrities joining in like Jubin Nautiyal, Monali Thakur and Shalmali Kholgade.

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