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Gargi vs IPCW: 7 popular arguments to find out Which one is the best!

A lot of people often find themselves confused while choosing the right college for themselves when there is a wide variety of options to choose from- here is a detailed comparison provided between Indraprastha College of Women and Gargi College based on fees, courses, infrastructure, etc.

Gargi vs IPCW both are women’s colleges.

IPCW is located in North Campus. IPCW was established in 1924, it offers 27 courses and 14 are for bachelor’s degrees.

On the other hand, Gargi college is located in South Campus.  Gargi College was established in 1967, offering 44 courses and 29 are for bachelor’s degrees. Gargi College has been named after an enlightened woman named Gargi Vachaknavi, figuring in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishada of the Vedic Age. The college has nine departments namely Botany, Chemistry, Commerce, Elementary Education, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology, Zoology and the Women’s Development Centre.

Gargi vs IPCW: Fees structure

There is of course a slight difference in the fees structures of both the colleges. It usually depends on the college and the facilities provided by them.

The following is the fees structure for various courses offered by Gargi College:

B.El.Ed₹16,485 10+2 with 50%.
B.Com₹12,495 10+2.
B.A Hons.₹12,295 10+2 with 60%
B.Sc Hons.₹14,04510+2.
BBE₹41,220 10+2.
M.Sc₹13,331 Graduation.
B.Com Hons.₹12,495 10+2.

The following is the fees structure for various courses offered by IPCW:

B.A Hons.₹24,10010+2.
B.Com Hons₹28,10010+2.
B.Sc Hons.₹45,60010+2.

The eligibility criteria has been changed recently, University of Delhi has made it compulsory for all students to appear for a central entrance examination that will be applicable to all colleges affiliated with Delhi University. The entrance examination is called- CUCET.

The students need to register for the same on the official website to be eligible for the exam and for admission purposes at the respective colleges. An aggregate of the best of four subjects is taken into account along with a certain percentage of the entrance examination.

For admission to Undergraduate programs of the University of Delhi, all candidates must register for CUET 2022 at their official portal

Gargi vs IPCW: Brand Value

IPCW is considered to be a prestigious college affiliated with University of Delhi, and is situated in North Campus. It has all the best facilities and the faculty is also considered to be top-notch. Even the hostels are as well maintained as the main campus of the college. It is considered worth as per the fees because of the quality of facilities provided to the students.

Gargi as well is affiliated with University of Delhi and stands on the opposite end of IPCW i.e. in South campus. It is considered to have a good faculty and all the basic facilities as well. While, the placements are considered to be poor as compared to IPCW, especially if going into the Arts stream.

Gargi vs IPCW: Campus and Infrastructure

IPCW is located in North Campus, yet, is a little isolated from other colleges in the North Campus. It has beautiful white buildings and the campus is well maintained. It has a number of amazing facilities like library, auditorium, computer labs, medical room, and various sports facilities, etc. It is spacious. The institution offers graduate and post-graduate courses in Economics, Liberal Arts, Commerce, Literature, Computer Science, Multimedia Media & Mass Communication etc. In 2020, it was ranked 11th among arts colleges in India by India Today.

Gargi vs IPCW: Which one to choose?

Gargi is located in the South Campus. It has beautiful red bricked buildings, adorned by lush greenery around. It offers various facilities like library, auditorium, etc. It also has a Students’ Common Room and Students’ Union Room.

Gargi vs IPCW: Which one to choose?

The auditorium can fit about 750 people including the main theatre and the mezzanine. It is also fully air conditioned and also has solar lighting installations. One of the two Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility in the University of Delhi is located at Gargi College and undergraduates from any Science discipline can access the facility as per faculty guidance. There are a total of 110 computers in the university across 3 computer labs.

The canteen for the students is equipped with a varied menu and even has a water harvesting system. It is one of the most popular spots for students and is also equipped with a Nescafe Kiosk. The university boasts of well-ventilated laboratories for Botany, Chemistry, Elementary Education, Microbiology, Physics, Psychology and Zoology. The auditorium is accompanied by a seminar hall that can seat up to 125 people. It is used for several academic events on the university.

IPCW is slightly better in terms of providing facilities than Gargi. It has an additional music room and dance room and even a convenience store too. It also houses one of a branch of Canara Bank.

Gargi vs IPCW: The Crowd

Both the colleges being a women’s college have a pretty decent crowd.

Yet, it depends on the person itself how they find the crowd, finding like-minded people is what makes your college life worthy. You can find a variety of people everywhere, in your own course and societies or clubs that you take part in.

It is about how you bring yourself out and open yourself to new experiences that makes the most of your day to day life at college.

Gargi vs IPCW: Which one to choose?
Gargi vs IPCW: Which one to choose?

Gargi vs IPCW: Culture and Societies

if we consider Gargi vs IPCW- IPCW is considered to be more stricter in terms of discipline and attendance, while Gargi also takes the attendance seriously. At least 66.6% of attendance is deemed necessary.

IPCW has a rich culture of societies and clubs- various ranging dance clubs, drama society, women development cell, debating societies, and even sports clubs.

Gargi in comparison with IPCW has more societies to choose from, other than the basic dance and music societies, Gargi has marketing society, english creative writing, quizzing society, public and media relations, and a lot more.

Gargi vs IPCW: Which one to choose?

Gargi vs IPCW: Placements

Gargi college has concluded its placement process for the batch passing out in 2021. As per the latest report, the highest package offered was INR 19.25 LPA, whereas the average package stood at INR 4.38 LPA. Over 195 companies participated and made over 140 offers during the placement drive 2021. The top recruiters of Gargi College in 2021 included DE Shaw & Co, Accenture, Deloitte, EY, Wipro, KPMG, PWC, etc.

In IPCW, Around 80% of students were placed in 2019-20. The highest salary package offered was INR 6.4 LPA, whereas the median salary offered was INR 4.83 LPA. Decathlon, Sap Labs, Deloitte, Wipro, DE Shaw & Co, Chegg, TresVista.

In the past, companies like indigo, Jet Airways, Policy Bazaar, Josh Talks, are some of the recruiting companies. The salary package offered can vary depending on companies and courses, but it can also go up to 8 LPA. The college also provides a range of internship opportunities for students.

Gargi vs IPCW: Which one to choose?

To conclude the argument of Gargi vs IPCW- both of the colleges are best at their ends. It depends on your preferences, if you have a specific bias regarding north or south campus, or if you’re looking for a specific course preferences,  or on the basis of the kind of extra-curriculars offered – you can choose the college based on it. After this report, it totally depends on the specific preferences of the students to choose their best college. 

At the end, it doesn’t depend on which campus or which college do you choose but how you make the most out of the one you go into. College is all about putting yourself out there and keeping yourself open to new experiences, to set yourself ready for a whole new world altogether.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gargi vs IPCW: which one is better?

Both the colleges are equal in terms of facilities and faculty. Depends majorly on the course you’re wishing to pursue.

Is IPCW better than Gargi?

Gargi vs IPCW- Both the colleges are good and equal in a lot of places, but it depends on the course and your personal preferences.

Gargi vs IPCW: Which has the best placements?

Gargi vs IPCW- IPCW has a little low percentage of placements especially if you’re from an Arts Stream, while Gargi has a better report for placements in the past years.

Does Gargi vs IPCW: both of the colleges take entrance exam?

Yes, there is a new guideline passed by university of delhi stating that all colleges affiliated with them are going to adhere to the scores of CUCET for the admissions. All the students are required to register and appear for the same. An aggregate of 12th board scores and CUCET scores would be taken into consideration.

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