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Hindu vs Hansraj: The 7 Ultimate Hard to Ignore Comparisons!

Read all about Hindu vs Hansraj comparisons of fee, courses, brand value, infrastructure, culture, societies, placements, and more!

Hindu vs Hansraj: Overview

Hindu College is one of the oldest constituent colleges of the University of Delhi. Established by some prominent Delhi citizens as its trustees in 1899, it was closely related to the nationalist struggle. It was initially accredited to Punjab university as there was no university in Delhi then. It even predates the Delhi University itself! In 2021, it placed 9th in the NIRF rankings for colleges.  

Initially founded as a men’s college, Hansraj College is now established as a premier co-ed constituent college of DU. It was founded in 1948 by the managing committee of D.A.V College in the memory of nationalist and educator Late Mahatma Hansraj. In 2021, it placed 14th in the NIRF rankings for colleges.    

Both the colleges have consistently been referred to as the top colleges of Delhi University and are presently situated within the north campus premises of the university. Both colleges have established departments for sciences, liberal arts, and commerce with undergraduate, postgraduate, and certificate courses.

Let’s delve into some Hindu vs Hansraj comparisons so that you can make the best choice for your future endeavors at DU!

Hindu vs Hansraj: Fee Structure

The University of Delhi is known for imparting education at affordable costs. Comparatively, the fee structure of both colleges is similar across all offered courses. However, comparatively, Hansraj college seems to be on a slightly steeper side.

Here’s a Hindu vs Hansraj fee comparison for a three-year bachelor’s degree in arts, commerce, and sciences.

Bachelor of ArtsINR 52,700 approxINR 61,800 approx
Bachelor of CommerceINR 54,800 approxINR 62,800 approx
Bachelor of Science INR 60,400 approxINR 73,500 approx
Hindu vs Hansraj Fee Comparison for Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Hindu vs Hansraj: Courses

Hindu College offers around 40 courses in humanities, commerce, and science streams. Its most popular programs include B.Com (Hons), Political science (Hons), and Economics (Hons) marked by high competition.

It also offers short-term courses in foreign languages and value-added courses. The foreign language courses include one-year instruction in Russian, French, Spanish, German, and French. The value-added courses include 30-hour or month-long courses in various subjects including business analytics, python, law, behavioral sciences, etc.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Hindu College Departments

PhysicsPolitical ScienceSanskrit
Hindu College Departments

Hansraj College provides around 46 courses across all streams. Its popular courses include B.Com (Hons), Geology (Hons), History (Hons), etc.

It also offers additional courses such as add-on courses such as research writing and forensic sciences etc; certificate and diploma language courses in German, Spanish and French; courses in cyber security, IPR, machine learning, stock markets, etc extended by Student Learning Centre; and courses under Community College including digital marketing, data analytics, and journalism.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Hansraj College Departments

Computer ScienceEconomics English
Electronics Hindi History
MathematicsPhilosophyPhysical Education
Hansraj College Departments

Hindu vs Hansraj: Brand Value

Hindu and Hansraj are two of the oldest institutions and their reputation speaks for them. They are top-tier colleges of DU and they consistently rank among the top colleges in the NIRF rankings. 

While Hindu may have a higher NIRF ranking with an edge in arts and economics courses, Hansraj is popular for science and commerce streams offering more courses in each department. Also, the variety of add-on courses is more diverse in Hansraj.

Hindu vs Hansraj: Infrastructure

Hindu College

Hindu college has a sprawling campus equipped with a sound infrastructure conducive to both academic and extracurricular activities. Some of the facilities with specifications are tabulated below:

Auditorium3362 square feet with a seating capacity of 900.
LibraryWell-stocked with reading material, online resources, periodicals, computer centre, photocopying services, OPAC service, and Internet access.
LaboratoriesState-of-the-art well-equipped laboratories
Sports Complex and FacilitiesPlayground with 5 cricket pitches and football field, basketball court, and volleyball court. Also includes a table tennis room, chess room, and physiotherapy rooms including washrooms for physically challenged sportspersons. The college campus is also equipped with a gymnasium.
HostelMerit-based occupancy of 119 rooms with recreational facilities.
BanksA branch of State Bank of India.
OthersBotanical Garden, Bharat Ram Centre for Art and Culture, Health Centre, Seminar Room, Canteen, Stationary Shop, Counselling Cell, Girl’s Common Room.
Hindu College Infrastructural Facilities

The Hindu College also has expansion plans for the Sanganeria Science Block, a Dedicated Research Centre, and more laboratories.

Hansraj College

Hansraj College has one of the busiest campuses owing to its prime location between Kamla Nagar and Malka Ganj. The infrastructure is meticulously planned to incorporate the academic and extracurricular needs of a student. Some of the facilities with specifications are tabulated below:

Auditorium4568 square feet, centrally air-conditioned with a seating capacity of 600.
LibraryAir-conditioned and well-stocked with books, book banks, newspapers, periodicals, daily, journals, e-resources, reading and recording room, etc. There are two separate blocks, one dedicated to Science and the other to Arts and Commerce.
LaboratoriesWell-equipped laboratories for Botany, Chemistry, Computers, Physics & Electronics, and Zoology are shared by other streams according to available equipment.
Sports Grounds and Facilities Spacious sports grounds to partake in archery, badminton, basketball, chess, cricket, football, shooting, and yoga equipped with a gym and meditation room as well.
HostelMerit-based occupancy of 128 rooms with indoor recreational facilities, gymnasium equipped with a grocery store, and wifi access. The hostel underwent renovation in 2010 for the commonwealth games.
BanksA branch of Canara Bank
Others Enabling unit for assisting students with physical disabilities, ICT facilities, Yagyashala, amphitheatre, girl’s common room, seminar room, media centre, and medical facilities.
Hansraj College Infrastructural Facilities

Both colleges have top-notch infrastructural facilities. Since both colleges are located within the north campus premises of the Delhi University, the perks of the campus, in general, are shared by both the colleges.

Hindu vs Hansraj: Culture

The college culture at DU is not far from what it is televised and shown with glam galore in movies. The hustle and bustle is real with students balancing academics, activities, and of course a large dose of campus shenanigans! Hindu and Hansraj colleges are often considered the hub of everything unique that DU has to offer, with students vying for a chance to experience it firsthand throughout the country.

Let’s see the highlights that set both these colleges apart from the rest.

Hindu College

Hindu is a hotbed of activity with several popular cultural fests with MECCA, Mushaira, and Vaktavya topping the list of DU fests. Love it or hate it, one simply cannot ignore the V-TREE pooja, a valentine’s celebration unique to Hindu College. The Hindu lawns for NSS, Zoology, and Sports remain a go-to for students as picturesque popular spots. Who can possibly forget the iconic scenes of ‘Rockstar’ filmed on the very same premises? The Holi celebrations are also one of the best features of Hindu College. It also has a one-of-a-kind Student Parliament complete with a PM, cabinet, and leader of opposition! The campaigns and rallies make for quite a spectacle during elections.

Hansraj College

The Lovers’ Point is sure to tug at your heartstrings with its legacy. It’s quite a bustling point on the campus. Hansraj’s most famous alumna, Shah Rukh khan proposed to his wife right there on that spot. Hansraj is also Bollywood’s favorite when it comes to portraying university life with ‘Dev D’, ‘Band Baja Baraat’, and ‘Sahi Bande Galat Dhande’. The college’s fests are also a treat during the season with big celebs in their feature line-up. The NSS Diwali Mela also deserves an honorable mention. Its strategic location makes it easier for students to make the best of the Kamla Nagar market and Ridge Area.

The Hindu vs Hansraj culture debate ends with the simple fact that both colleges provide a dynamic, inclusive, secular, and most of all happening environment for students encompassing all perks of DU!

Hindu vs Hansraj: Crowd

Both colleges boast of well-rounded individuals and the college environment instills a sense of unity and openness where students can develop independent thought and articulation regardless of their backgrounds and past academic performance. Both colleges have acquired elite status and the students are bound to inculcate a sense of pride to hail from the north campus.

None of the colleges have a uniform or consistent crowd as students from all rungs of life participate in the campus life, regardless of the Hindu vs Hansraj debate. However, an enviable body of alumni is known to be from the north campus and is a testament to the fact that the north campus shapes an individual’s personality and not just academic career.

Notable alumni from Hindu include Arnab Goswami, Gautam Gambhir, Vishal Bhardwaj, Nitin Tyagi, Meenakshi Lekhi, etc. Notable alumni from Hansraj include Gunjan Saxena, Shah Rukh Khan, Anurag Kashyap, Richard Rekhy, V.K Dadhwal, etc.

Hindu vs Hansraj: Clubs/Societies

Both colleges have an extensive co-curricular culture with separate societies for performing arts and other skills! It’s not all fun and games as the activities can get super competitive. Let’s break down some societies for both colleges.

Hindu College

‘Ibtida’ has to be the most famous Hindu EC society for dramatics. Initiated by the ‘Rockstar’ (literally) director Imtiaz Ali, the society performs both stage and street plays. Other performing arts societies include ‘Alankar’- society for Indian music famous for organizing ‘Harmony’ the musical festival; ‘Adhrita’- society for Indian dance; ‘Aarambh’- society for western dance; ‘Abirang’- society for Hindi dramatics; ‘Abstractions’- society of fine arts; ‘Aria’, the society for western music and more.

DebSoc, the Hindu College debate society is famous for organizing four large-scale debates which are the talk of the town when scheduled. Other societies include the ‘Vagmi’- society for Hindi debate, Science Forum, Symposium Society; ‘Scribe’- the literary society; ‘Vivre’- society for film and photography, and many more.

It has dedicated cells for women’s development, finance and investment, entrepreneurship, etc. It also has a Student Parliament which is unique to Hindu College, as aforementioned.

Hansraj College

Hansraj has dedicated societies for every department like Lumen-the society for physics and electronics; Ordinateur-the society for computer science, Pi- the Society of mathematics, etc.

Some of its performing arts societies include the Hansraj Dramatics Society, Kavyanjali for poetry, Swaranjali for music, Terpsichorean for choreography, and Abhivyakti for folk dance and many more.

It even features a Culinary Arts Society, English Debate Society, ‘Hindi Vad’- Hindi Debate Society, ‘MarkUs’-Marketing Society, ‘Ostraca’- Creative Writing Society, ‘Vintago’-The Fashion Society, and ‘Vision’- Media and Publication Society among others.

There are dedicated cells for Finance And Economic Research, Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity, Entrepreneurship, etc.

With over 47 clubs, societies, and cells, a student is bound to be spoilt for choice.

There’s no question of pitting Hindu vs Hansraj when it comes to societies as both colleges have a plethora of activities to participate in. Every student, regardless of their varied interests, will find a place of respite in these societies.

Hindu vs Hansraj: Placements

Disha’, the placement cell of Hindu college, organizes several job-oriented workshops and seminars to help students get a headstart in their careers. The placement programs have seen participation from Google, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst and Young, Essar, Maruti, Royal Sundaram Alliance, Jaypee, and many more big names in the job market.

The student-run placement cell of Hansraj college has attracted major recruiters like McKinsey & Co. Accenture Strategy, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, and PwC. The placement cell is headed by teacher converters.

Here’s a tabular Hindu vs Hansraj comparison of 2020-2021 placement statistics of both colleges

Year 2020

Highest Package3120.5
Average CTC7.55.7
Hindu vs Hansraj Package Comparison 2020

Year 2021

Highest Package19.319.25
Average CTC8.47
Hindu vs Hansraj Package Comparison 2021

However, it is important to note that in 2022 first phase placements, Hansraj College featured INR 36.5 Lacs as the highest package and an average CTC of INR 7.3 Lacs with 50 recruiters and 245 job offers. It’s a 90% hike in the highest package and a 14% hike in the no. of placements. The Hindu vs Hansraj race of placements changes statistically from one academic year to another and this year Hansraj seems to be on a roll while Hindu had an edge in the previous years.

With an impressive and established alumni network, both colleges are known to attract the MNC giants including the big fours. They only differ in approach and procedure. Both ensure a level playing field to acquire a real-world aptitude for all students.

However, students must be wary of the placement statistics as the student strength to placement ratio remains low in DU colleges.

Final Thoughts on Hindu vs Hansraj

Our Hindu vs Hansraj discussion makes it amply clear that both colleges fall within a neck-to-neck competition. Remember a college does not determine your acumen. A student’s decision should be based on their interests first and foremost. The Hindu vs Hansraj college comparisons will help you weigh your pros and cons. 

If you’re getting an opportunity to pursue your studies in either college, choose the course that best suits your prospective chosen career path. Given your interests, you will perform better and it will also prove better for research opportunities. Stay tuned for more DU college updates on Inside DU.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Hindu better than Hansraj?

In the 2021 NIRF Rankings, Hindu ranks 9th while Hansraj ranks 14th. However, Hindu college is known for arts and economics while Hansraj college is more popular for science and commerce courses.

Are placements good in Hindu?

Hindu attracts major recruiters like Google, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst and Young, etc. The highest package in 2021 was 19.3 LPA and an average CTC of 8.4 LPA.

Are placements good in Hansraj?

Company giants like McKinsey & Co. Accenture Strategy, KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, etc. come for placements in Hansraj. The highest package in 2021 was 19.25 LPA and an average CTC of 7 LPA.

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