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Life at Kamla Nehru College: 7 best things you will like at KNC

History of Kamla Nehru college

Kamla Nehru college is an all-women’s college of Delhi university. It is a college which holds a very long history of freedom struggle, empowerment and development and growth. It was established on 20th July 1964; at that time, it was named as ‘government college for women’ and was situated in defense colony. Earlier the college started with only humanities stream but later broaden to commers and so on. On 21 November 1972, the location of the college changed to august Kranti Marg new Delhi, as the foundation of new building was laid by former president V.V Giri.

Kamla Nehru college was a dream of smt. Kamla Nehru who was the wife of Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru. She worked for the empowerment of women, their education and for different sections of the society who were considered backward. Thus, Kamla Nehru college upholds this torch of freedom, education, empowerment, and equality for all.

This legacy of spreading the light of education have been continued ever since and it remains a prestigious college for women’s education. Kamla Nehru college has completed its 59 years of educating women and making them independent, which shows how important role it has played in empowering women of your society.

Apart from having a long history Kamla Nehru college gives you an experience of life, learning, growing, and building a strong personality. It is a beautiful college with greenery surrounding the whole campus. There are many things that will make you fall in love with the college and the environment of it.

You will have the best time of your life at Kamla Nehru college, make some of the most amazing memories and friends, if you are an animal lover you will find a furry friend always around you in the college whom you can pet, there are also 2 swings which students enjoy the most in a good weather with friends. Kamla Nehru college gives you the exposure you need, it will let you be your individual self and express yourself the way you want.

Kamla Nehru college

Exclusive things you will only find at Kamla Nehru college-

Wide range of departments at Kamla Nehru college

It is very important to look for a college which provides wide range of subjects as it gives you more change to explore different departments and know people from varied subject interests. Kamla Nehru college have 12 flourishing departments which have some of the best faculty. Kamla Nehru college has some of the best departments like journalism, psychology, history, and political science. It also has department of geography which is in very few colleges of Delhi university. Kamla Nehru college also has program courses as well which lets you study multiple disciplines together.

Education at Kamla Nehru college

Kamla Nehru college has some of the best faculty out there, you will find professors who are truly passionate about their subjects and will truly enjoy attending their classes. The professors are friendly and will answer all you doubt and help you throughout. There is also facility of labs and tute rooms, which are well equipped with the instruments you need. There is also attachment of smart board in mostly all the classrooms which makes learning experience more interactive.

Library at Kamla Nehru college

Kamla Nehru college has a huge library with over 1 lakh books and daily newspaper and later magazines. The library is very spacious and it is very easy to find books now with E-service, this makes the library technologically advance and more accessible. You will always find students studying in the library as the sitting are is also provided. There is free Wi-Fi for you to study from internet as well. Library of Kamla Nehru college is a very peaceful place where you can easily sit for hours and study. You can have group study sessions and after some time you will enjoy going to library with friends to study.

Societies at Kamla Nehru college

Kamla Nehru college has some of the most amazing and famous societies in Delhi university. Whatever your interests are, you will definitely find a society that suits you well. This makes societies a very crucial part in Kamla Nehru college, as it provides you with the exposure you need in college. There is a wide range of 30 societies in Kamla Nehru college, which makes the whole environment more fun and inclusive. There is English debating society, Western dance society, Research cell, Eco club, Quizzing society, Placement cell, Women development cell, Theater society, Creative writing society as so much more.

These societies help you grow as an individual and help you explore the fields apart from academics. It is a very fun experience to be a part of these societies and it helps you build network and know more people and participate in competitions.

Beautiful campus at Kamla Nehru college

The campus is ——km big. It is a very beautiful campus with lots of green plants, pretty flowers and lots of birds and squirrels and an adopted dog. The environment of the college is very nice, you will find it most beautiful on the rainy days. Chaupal is a place where you will always find students sitting and eating lunch, it is a beautiful structure with red bricks where most of the events also takes place.

The buildings and the classrooms are also good with newly build bamboo rooms which are near the ground which makes the view more beautiful. The campus is also very sustainable, there are various setups for rainwater management. The college also has an auditorium which is fully airconditioned and can hold up to 5000 people. Many college ceremonies take place in the college auditorium.

Kamla Nehru college also has the best canteen in Delhi university, the amount of variety you will find is just amazing, with cheap prices and utterly delicious food you will be able to enjoy hot samosas and tea/coffee in rainy weather. There is also a Nescafé in the college, which has some of the tastiest sandwiches and iced tea. There is also a momos stall in college, with yummy momos and amazingly delicious dipping.

fest at Kamla Nehru college

Fest at Kamla Nehru college

Recently Kamla Nehru college held its annual fest called ‘Ullas.’ It was the biggest hit in the college as the student’s council and college management was able to conduct a fest at such a big level with full security and proper arrangements. But Ullas is a time when you will enjoy the most of your college days. It is a two-day event where singers are invited to perform. There are arrangements of food, shops, and fun activities. The fest also gives you changes to volunteer and participate in several competitions which are inter-college. The college is all dolled up and it is best time to enjoy with your friends.

Location and PGs at Kamla Nehru college

Kamla Nehru college is located at a very prime area. It is surrounded by good posh colonies, which makes it a bit difficult to find cheap Pg, but do not worry, green park is a great area which is walking distance from college and has some of the best living areas for women. The area is very safe and you can easily find metro, bus and other convenes from nearby.

The college is very near to Hauz Khas and south extension where you can find some amazing and cute cafes to go with your friends. There is also a very famous café near Kamla Nehru college which is diggin, where you will always find some college students enjoying its delicious cupcakes and coffee.

As Kamla Nehru college shares its walls with Gargi college, another women’s college, you will find the area to be quite safe with women police being around all the time. As there are two colleges nearby you will be easily able to find autos and bus around.

At the end, Kamla Nehru college is an amazing place where you will be able to learn and gown into and individual who is confident, empowered, and strong. You will make some beautiful memories and friends who will stay with you lifelong.

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What are the courses available at KNC?

There are wide range of courses available in Kamla Nehru college, from all humanities subjects like political science, history, geography, economics, psychology, english, sociology, philosophy, maths, hindi, sanskritm even Bcom honours and program.

What is the major highlight of KNC?

It’s beautiful campus, the greenery, the fest ‘Ullas.’ You will find knc being picture perfect all the time. The chaupal area is where most of the time some event is going on and the canteen has some of the most delicious food, that you must try.

How is the faculty at KNC?

The professors are very nice and helpful. They are some of the most qualified teachers who have the experience of over 15 years. They will help you solve your problems, understand things better and make your learning experience better as a whole.

What all societies are there at KNC?

Kamla Nehru college has around 30 societies in total which provides you with an opportunity to grow, make friends, come out of your comport zone and learn new skills. Some of the best societies of KNC are english debating society, Theater society, western dance society and western music society. There are many more which means that there is a society for everyone.

What are the cultural events at KNC?

There are many departmental fests where you get to participate in the organization and arrangement of the fest, these are mostly at small level. Then there is an annual fest which is ‘Ullas’ where you will find singers performing, food stalls, games, competitions and much more. It is a wholesome experience.

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