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Life At LSR: Is LSR as special as it claims to be? 8 fascinating aspects you did not know about LSR:)

Lady Shri Ram College. This name fills awe and amazement in the minds of many. Life at LSR is something many have been curious to know of. With a reputation of being one of the best in the country LSR continues to be the ‘dream college’ of many young women. So,how is life actually in LSR? Is it everything you dreamed it would be?

Today let me take you on a small journey on how life in LSR really is. Those who aspire to be a part of the world within the red walls of this place perhaps know about the concept of the ‘Magic of LSR.’ But to really feel the magic of LSR you need to enter our gates. They will lead you to the formidable building with the name of the college imprinted across it.

The front lawns filled with flowers make you feel at home from the moment you enter. On my first day,as I sat on the red and yellow benches in the lawn, I felt as if I had known this place for years. The structure of the LSR logo fills you with a sense of pride.

It reminds you that you made it, to a place where so many aspire to get into. Life at LSR is about its beautiful lawns, it’s about the squirrels racing all around the campus, it’s about the smell of maggi outside the Nescafé which is almost impossible to ignore on most days, it’s about spending all your money on iced teas, but most importantly it’s about the people. The people of LSR are what makes this place almost mystical.

The friendships you build in this college have a place in your heart which is unexplainable. Some people ask, is college life worth it in an all girls college? To them we say, once you enter these red walls they embrace you as their own. Then, no other place will even be remotely close to being as amazing as LSR is. It provides us an environment so welcoming, accepting and challenging—in which we cannot help but thrive. The faculty challenges you in the best possible way, so much so, that you come out to be the finest version of yourself over the years in your life at LSR. 

Academics At LSR 

LSR is known for its excellence in academics as we all know. Studying in the college will give you a sense of why it has such a reputation. The faculty is supremely qualified and dedicated towards teaching. They guide students with extra readings, suggestions and pointers on how to go about research. They push you towards improving yourself academically. Academics is obviously valued in LSR to a huge extent. If you want to know about life at LSR, it is safe to say that in this college both students and faculty hold studies and academic prowess at a stance higher than most places.

The driven and competitive nature of students will force one to try to keep up with their coursework. If you want to be challenged and inspired by capable young women, LSR is the perfect place for you.

Societies At LSR 

Talking about Life at LSR would be incomplete without its societies. Lady Shri Ram College provides you with a plethora of societies for students to be a part of. There are performance societies like Dance Soc, Western Music Society, Indian Music Society, Expressions or the Creative Writing society, Elocution Society, Projeckt or the photography society, Debating Society, Dramsoc, MUN society and many more.

These societies try to create a safe place for the students to hone their skills and explore different interests. If you are at this college, you will find there is no dearth of opportunities of finding a place in the world of these societies.

There will be a place for you somewhere, and you will grow to love one of these societies and they equip you with skills and pointers to your CV as well. Societies are an essential part of college life and LSR does justice to this aspect with its diverse societies.

Campus at LSR

It is not unknown that Lsr is known for winning the Green cup consecutively for many years. So undoubtedly, the campus of Lady Shri Ram College is one of the prettiest you will come across. Life at LSR is full of flowers and greenery, the beautiful campus around you will never disappoint. Famous for being a dog friendly institution, we have our own campus doggos to welcome you to campus. Sunshine, Chase, Flame are some of the adorable dogs that our campus is blessed with. Apart from the picturesque and photogenic nature of the campus we have ample places to have delicious food. Be it our café (we don’t say canteen in LSR) or the renowned Nescafé . 

Life at LSR offers you with various kinds of food and beverage choices to keep you going throughout the day. Be it Nescafé’s iced tea, Mother Dairy’s ice creams or Veni Aunty’s idlis, the food here doesn’t compare to anything. The libraries are well equipped with books, magazines, newspapers and Rinku Bhaiya is always ready to help by printing out last minute readings. This campus with all these little things makes you feel at home, even if you are far away from it. The campus is our heart and it will be yours too in your life at LSR.

Attendance Rules at LSR

LSR, as I mentioned takes its academics quite seriously. This includes attendance as well. Delhi University is known for being liberal with its attendance policy, although LSR stands apart from it sometimes. Long absences are definitely not encouraged in this college. Even though it is a part of DU, attendance rules are not entirely stringent as well. LSR prefers its students to be fully committed to college and making it a priority. Though nobody actively pressurises students for attendance, the overall atmosphere might compel you to be regular.

Quality of Faculty at LSR

It is not a surprise that the faculty at LSR is the finest. They are dedicated to their jobs and hold a passion about it, which inspires students to imbibe this perfection within themselves. The professors are helpful, qualified and willing to work with students in enriching our knowledge. The faculty truly plays a vital part of our college experience making life at LSR so enriching, and the college unsurprisingly provides us with the best.

Location and PGs

Lady Shri Ram College is located in Lajpat Nagar of New Delhi. It’s essentially in the South of Delhi which is a haven for pretty cafés and shopping malls. The Lajpat Nagar Central market is a popular destination for the girls at LSR whose impeccable fashion is owed to the Lajpat Market or Select City Mall, near college. 

PGs near this college are essential given its diverse community and many students in LSR are non-residents of Delhi. There is no dearth of PGs of different price ranges near our college. Those which are most popular among students are in National Park, Amar Colony, Greater Kailash. PG hunting can get stressful sometimes but you will definitely be able to find one of your choice near college.


LSR hostel has been shut down at the moment for much required renovations. 

However hostel life at LSR has been an experience which is irreplaceable. The iconic hostel adventures in LSR gives you a sense of how exciting it is. The LSR hostel held DJ nights, Bollywood Nights and so many more events which gave those here with so many memories. It gave you the ultimate ‘Enid Blyton Malory Towers’ dream, we readers yearned for.

However LSR hostel was only available to the first years and the rooms are assigned to students on the basis of merit as the space available is not enough to accommodate all. Life at LSR hostels is indeed one of the essences of the experience.

Fests at LSR

Finally one of the best things about life at LSR are obviously the fests. We all know how renowned DU fests are and how everyone looks forward to them. Apart from many small fests by individual departments, LSR is known for its main annual cultural fest which is Tarang. A three day event full of events by different societies, food carts, fun games, competitions and dance nights. We Elsas look forward to Tarang every year.

All these things make life at LSR to be a truly fulfilling and wholesome experience which is indeed a privilege to experience.

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FAQs for life at LSR

1.Can you tell me about the range of courses available at LSR?

LSR offers a plethora of honors courses which include Political Science, English, Psychology, History, Sociology, Commerce, Mathematics, Economics, Journalism, Statistics, Philosophy, Hindi and Sanskrit. It also offers BA Programme courses.

2.What are some key highlights of campus life at LSR?

LSR is truly a special place. The beautiful greenery and pretty flowers , the campus doggos, the smell of maggi beside nescafé are only some of the things that make this place so magical. However the best thing about LSR are its people, its women are what makes LSR one of the most special places I have been to. These women have an impact on you so profound that you truly grow to become your greatest self owing to your life at LSR with them.

3.What facilities are accessible to students on LSR’s campus?

LSR campus offers students a well equipped library with computers, reference library in which students can study in a peaceful environment, we have free wi-fi for students, a café which serves food at reasonable prices, a nescafé shop which is a favorite among all, a mother dairy for ice cream lovers and an open gym along with basketball and tennis courts.
We also have a stationery shop and printing facilities within campus.All these little things set the campus life at LSR apart.

4.What should I know about LSR’s hostel accommodation?

LSR hostels are closed currently for renovations. However hostel life at LSR is an experience worth experiencing. The mess food is known to be delicious, nutritious and healthy. The friendships formed in our hostel are special, the people are welcoming. The hostel in LSR is only open to first years.

5.Tell me about the quality of faculty at LSR.

They are dedicated to their jobs and hold a passion about it that inspires students to imbibe this perfection within themselves. The professors are extremely qualified in their domain and more than capable of imparting knowledge to students.

6.How convenient is the location of LSR’s campus?

LSR is located in Lajpat Nagar which is at a convenient location in South Delhi. With Moolchand and Kailash Colony metro stations located at close proximity, our college is located at a pretty premium place with everything students need at close proximity.

7.What are the significant cultural events or festivals at LSR?

Apart from many small fests by individual departments, LSR is known for its main annual cultural fest which is Tarang. There are academic fests of departments and also a diwali fest. These fests are held with enthusiasm and zest, upholding the culture of great fests of Delhi University and making your life at LSR magical as it claims to be.

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