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LSR vs Miranda House – Which is better | Full Analysis 2022

LSR vs Miranda House is a confusion that students always face after clearing the insanely high cut-offs. There is always confusion till the last moment and it does not help if the colleges give a tough competition to each other. 

Today I bring to you the answer to one of the most common asked questions by students- Which college is better? LSR or Miranda House? I am a freshman at LSR too, so I hope to bring a more personalised take on this. 

Mind you, both of them are girls’ colleges with a rich history and amazing academic as well as extra-curricular records. It is very natural to get confused. This article will help you gain clarity by weighing the pros and cons of both the prestigious colleges and will help you decide accordingly.

Lady Shri Ram College for Women

Lady Shri Ram College for Women, known as ‘LSR’ is a women’s public college and is a part of the University of Delhi. It was established in 1956 by Mr Lala Shri Ram who also found Shri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC, 1926) in memory of his late wife, Ms Phoolan Devi. Its 5-Acre campus is located in the South of Delhi in Lajpat Nagar and is connected with the Delhi Metro and other means of transportation. 

It has been ranked 2 among the college rankings by the National Institutional Ranking Framework(NIRF) in India in 2021. It is one of the best institutions in India for courses in Humanities, Commerce and Social Sciences and the exceedingly high cut-offs to secure this college each year is a testimony to it. 

The alumna proudly calls themselves ‘Elsas’. The college is a vibrant package of the sharpest brains of the country from diverse cultures and backgrounds fitting together. Each year so many students are eager to secure admission to this college, and they are not wrong. 

Miranda House

Miranda House is also a women’s public college affiliated with Delhi University. The institute was established on March 7, 1948, by a British academic administrator named Maurice Gwyer, who served as the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi from 1938 to 1950. In 1948, the college initialised and encouraged women in science education at Delhi University by introducing the B.Sc. Honours(Botany) course.

The college ranks number 1 on the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), 2021. It is considered among the best institutes for education in the Sciences and offers courses in Social Sciences and Humanities. The college lies on the North Campus of Delhi University, surrounded by other colleges. ‘Mirandians’ or the alumni are also one of the reasons for the strong presence of this college. Now, take a look at other parameters for a better judgement. 

LSR vs Miranda House Fees

Since both LSR and Miranda House are a part of Delhi University their fees are comparable. It is affordable for most who come with an ambition to study at these premier institutes. Given below is the exact fee structure of many of the courses offered by these colleges. 

Course NameFees for LSRFees for Miranda
B.A. Honours46-77,000  (3 years)42- 52,000 (3 years)
B.Sc. Honours62,000       (3 years)40-68,000  (3 years)
B. El. Ed.70,000       (4 years)76,000       (4 years)
B.Com61,000       (3 years)
M.A. Courses16,456       (2 years)29-38,000 (2 years)
M.Sc. Courses    –29-33,000 (2 years)
P.G. Diploma8,000        (1 year)
LSR vs Miranda House fees

LSR vs Miranda House Courses

When it comes to the variety of courses offered, both LSR and Miranda House give tough competition to each other. The colleges offer multiple courses in Humanities, Social Sciences, Commerce and Sciences.

Lady Shri Ram College For Women

Lady Shri Ram College offers 36 courses in total including 22 B.A. Honours courses, 1 B.El.Ed. course, 1 B.Com Honours Course, 2 B.Sc. Honours Courses and 10 M.A. Courses. 

The specialisations offered are: 

  • Commerce
  • Journalism
  • History
  • Economics
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Sanskrit
  • Statistics (B.Sc. Hons)
  • Mathematics (B.Sc. Hons)
  •  Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Psychology

LSR also offers the B.A. Programme course in which two disciplines are to be studied together instead of one specialisation in Honours Courses. LSR offers nine subject combinations for the B.A. programme. They include Computer Applications, Economics, Mathematics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology and History. Another course is B.El.Ed which is a bachelor’s in Elementary Education. It is a 4-year professional elementary teacher education programme. Students get admitted to this course through an entrance exam called Delhi University (DU) Central Institute of Education (CIE) or DU CIE. 

Miranda House

Miranda House offers a whopping 49 Courses and which consist of 11 B.A. Honours Courses,5 B.Sc. Honours courses, 2 B.Sc. programmes, 1 B.El.Ed. Course, B.A. Programme, 8 M.A. Courses, 6 M.Sc. Courses and other Foreign Language and Short Duration or Add-On Courses. 

The specialisations offered are :

  • Bengali
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • English
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindustani Music(Instrumental/Vocal)
  • History
  • Hindi
  • Botany (B.Sc. Hons)
  • Mathematics (B.Sc. Hons)
  • Chemistry (B.Sc. Hons)
  • Physics (B.Sc. Hons)
  • Zoology(B.Sc. Hons)
  • Life Sciences(B.Sc. Programme)
  • Physical Sciences (B.Sc. Programme)

LSR vs Miranda House Brand Value

LSR and Miranda House have a prestigious identity attached to them. The brand value both the colleges provide is brilliant and the wonderful alumni network further strengthens it. 

Miranda House with the NIRF Ranking 1, brilliant infrastructure and good placements are sought-after by many students. Names of some notable alumni are: Minissha Lamba, Neeti Mohan, Meira Kumar, Sheila Dikshit and Shakti Mohan. 

The high cut-offs with a NIRF 2 Ranking, good placement records and the global alumni network make LSR a well-renowned college. Its alumna today have made a mark for themselves. A few notable names are Aditi Rao Hydari, Aung San Suu Kyi, Chitra Subramaniam, Gita Gopinath, Gauri Khan, Maneka Gandhi and Nidhi Razdan. The brand value is a debatable parameter but if we go by popular opinions LSR is considered to be a more household name as compared to Miranda House.

LSR vs Miranda House Infrastructure and Facilities

Miranda House has a stellar infrastructure. The college is built of red bricks in colonial-era architecture. It has a library with over one lakh books, periodicals, magazines and newspapers. For the visually challenged, there is a computer-based Research Centre too. You also come across a grand auditorium and other seminar halls and lecture halls. The Wi-Fi campus has a cafeteria, sports complex, gym, medical room, music room, dance room, well-maintained labs and offers a hostel facility. 

LSR has its cafeteria, library, sports complex, medical room, auditorium, labs and gym. It also offers hostel facilities to students. At their Wi-Fi Campus, you can also find a bookstore, a PNB bank branch with an ATM facility, and another Nescafe cafe kiosk. The Campus is lush-green with beautiful gardens and trees. The Seminar room and lecture halls are spacious and ventilated. 

Overall the colleges have a spectacular infrastructure with many amenities to help the students. 

LSR vs Miranda House: Campus

The most anticipated question is whether both the colleges are on different Campuses. Yes, LSR is in the South Campus in Lajpat Nagar and Miranda House is situated in the heart of the North Campus, surrounded by many other DU colleges. 

LSR in the South Campus, well-connected to Metro via Kailash Colony Metro Station and the Moolchand Metro Station- yes, the ever famous Moolchand Parathe Wala is right next to this metro station. Lajpat Nagar is just 10 minutes away where you can have the mouth-watering Momos from Dolma Aunty. Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and the M-Block market in GK-I are fashion lovers’ dream destinations on the South Campus.

You also have a lot of affordable cafes in Satyaniketan, Saket, Hauz Khas Village and Vasant Kunj to splurge all your money and shop, and you can find Nagpal’s famous ‘Chhole Bhature’ hardly 10 minutes from the LSR Campus. Khan Market, the beautiful Lodhi Gardens and the Lodhi Art District add to the spots you can visit with your friends to shop, eat and make tons of memories. 

However, since the colleges in South Campus are scattered and not well-connected by the metro you might find yourself missing the DU vibe of being surrounded by other colleges and crashing into their fests. The college nearest to LSR is Gargi College which is 2.5 km away.

Miranda House is on the North Campus where all the hustle-bustle of Delhi University usually takes place. It is well-connected to the metro via the Vishwa Vidyalaya Metro Station. There is a ‘campus vibe’ with proximity to all other colleges and many affordable places to hang out like the famous cafes, tea shops, and shopping markets. 

There is always a buzz in the crowd and plenty of opportunities to make new friends and cross-college networks. The oldest and most prestigious colleges of Delhi University are on the North Campus. North Campus defines DU so be assured of lots of fun memories and experiences while studying at Miranda House. 

LSR vs Miranda House Culture

Delhi University has a minimum 75% attendance norm to be eligible to sit for exams and both the colleges follow it strictly. Discipline and Attendance while giving equal priority to a safe space for expression, healthy debates and discussions, and protests are what both the colleges believe in. 

Both the colleges encourage a culture of discipline, self-expression, extra-curricular and social service and graduating as world-class citizens. They ensure the same through their myriad of opportunities and space for growth. 

LSR vs Miranda House Crowd

The crowd at both LSR and Miranda is among the finest throughout India. They bag the college after clearing such high cut-offs and ECA Admissions.  The crowd is diverse, multi-lingual and multi-cultural, thus taking the experience as a student to a different height. 

LSR and Miranda House even have their North-East Cell that caters to the need of students from the North-East. The colleges are very inclusive and offer a lot to learn. Be assured of a lot of diversity, differences in opinions and a space to learn and grow at both the colleges. They will not disappoint you. 

Clubs and Societies

The clubs and societies are the most attractive part of being a student at Delhi University. Being an active member of these societies and cultural clubs not only helps in building skills but also helps in networking and your personality development. Both the colleges provide a huge number of societies to choose from and hone your skills. 

Lady Shri Ram College offers 21 Societies which offer everything a student can wish for. You name it and they have it -Dramatics, music, debating, writing, environment care, women’s development, data analytics, finance, photography and videography, meditation and yoga, entrepreneurship, public speaking and much more. You will never be short of options and opportunities to grow as an individual. Societies recruit students twice a year after a screening round and an interview.

These clubs and societies have a proven track record of winning several accolades that testify to the NIRF Ranking 2 of the college. The annual fest of LSR- ‘Tarang’ is one of the most anticipated events each year where there is an amalgamation of music, dance, drama and fun. You can participate, organise and experience the magic of LSR at events like these. 

Apart from this, LSR also has an active Student Union and each Department also has its own student body. The Union Members are elected democratically through elections.

Miranda House also has an array of clubs and societies.

The college has 21 societies and cultural clubs ranging from dramatics, music, art, writing, entrepreneurship, academics, Photography, filming and videography, Environment, Social Entrepreneurship, dance and debate. 

Miranda House also has its annual fest- ‘Tempest’, a 2-3 days affair loaded with dance, games, drama, DJ and music, and fun stalls. It is sponsored by big brands and attracts a huge audience. An active Student Union is present in Miranda House with departmental student representatives and executives. This provides a space to think, discuss and reach conclusions. The college vouches for holistic development and lots of fun. 

LSR and Miranda House offer a power-house of clubs and societies to be a part of. Discover where your passion lies and grow your art by being an active member of these societies. 

Co-curricular Activities

Both the colleges have three established wings under the co-curricular activities. A student has to be a part of at least one to graduate.

They are:

  1. National Service Scheme (NSS)- It is a Public service program established by the Government of India wishing to instil a sense of selfless service, compassion and empathy in the students. LSR and Miranda House have their NSS wings wherein students devote a minimum number of hours to society and be a part of its growth and development.
  2. National Cadet Corps (NCC)- NCC is the student wing of the Indian Armed Forces and is open to colleges and schools. LSR and Miranda House have their NCC Wings. Students practice Judo, karate, and Civil Self Defence. They take part in inter-college training camps and a lot of activities with an emphasis on Discipline, Social Service and Training.
  3. National Sports Organisation (NSO)- It is one of the most happening wings of the colleges. LSR even has a dedicated shooting range inside the campus itself and is one of the few colleges to have one. Miranda House also has a ‘Sports and Games’ wing where students can play many sports and games like Badminton, taekwondo, Basketball, Chess, Football, Table Tennis, Archery, Yoga, and Swimming.

You will find plenty of opportunities in LSR and Miranda House for social welfare, sports and games and formal adventure training.

LSR vs Miranda House Placements

Placements are one of the primary reasons students prefer DU and the prestigious colleges here. Both LSR and Miranda have dedicated placement cells that work throughout the year and help smoothen the process of recruitment for the students and the employers. They also help the students get internships, organise workshops and seminars and work with the motive of their growth and development. 

Students from LSR get into world-renowned companies like Ernst and Young (EY), HLL, Capital IQ, Google, GE, McKinsey, Watson Wyatt Indian Express, Star Magna, and Zee news. In 2020-21 and 2021-22 despite the coronavirus pandemic the highest CTC offered were INR 30 LPA and INR 37.8 LPA respectively. The average package offered was INR 9.4 LPA and INR 7.5 LPA. Top recruiters included Bain & Company, DE Shaw, Accenture, Trinity, Hudson River Trading and NTT Data. 

For Miranda House, during the academic session of 2020-21, the average CTC offered was INR 7.47 LPA and the highest CTC offered was INR 19.25 LPA. The top recruiters included Yes Bank, Zee Media, One Plus, Accenture, Dell, ICICI Bank, Bajaj and BYJUs.


I hope you gained insight and learnt something new about the colleges and what they offer. It will be a matter of pride for you to study at either of them. Choose the college according to the course of your choice. The opportunities and networks are at par. If you are still confused and prefer to study on the North Campus then choose Miranda House. LSR if South Campus looks better. I hope the LSR vs Miranda House debate settles here. 

Here is our blog list to delve deep into Delhi University college comparison.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LSR better than Miranda House?

LSR is known for its humanities and liberal arts courses and Miranda is famous for its science courses. Keep in mind the ease of transportation and the course of your choice.

Is Miranda House better than LSR?

Miranda House is located on North Campus and is well known for its science courses while LSR on the South campus is a popular Social Sciences and Commerce college. Choose the college according to your choice of course and ease of travelling and accommodation. 

Which college is better Miranda or LSR?

Miranda House ranked Number 1 and LSR ranked Number 2 in the NIRF Rankings for best colleges in India. Both the colleges are among the best. You can make your choice after looking through some other parameters too. 

Is LSR the best college?

LSR has been ranked NIRF 2 among the best colleges in India. The marvellous infrastructure, huge library, and strong alumni network are some of the things which make this college the best of the best.



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