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LSR vs SRCC, which is better? Full guide with 8 Reasons

LSR vs SRCC: Overview

Lady Shri Ram College for women is a premier institution located in the south campus. It was established in the year 1956 by Lala Shri Ram in the memory of his wife. The college had its humble beginnings in a school located in Daryaganj. The college motto is ‘that alone is knowledge which liberates us’. It is ranked 2 as per the NIRF rankings 2021.

Shri Ram College of Commerce was earlier established as ‘The commercial college’ and later transitioned into Shri Ram College of Commerce. SRCC, just like LSR was also established by Lala Shri Ram to pave the way for commercial education at the university level in Delhi. SRCC is located in the heart of the north campus. It is ranked 10th as per the NIRF rankings 2021.

LSR vs SRCC: Fees

The fees for all the colleges and courses vary. Here is the summary of the fees structure of  B.Com(Hons.) and B.A.(Hons.)Economics for LSR and SRCC- (Hons.) (Hons.)
Shri Ram College OF CommerceINR 15000 Per YearINR 15000 Per Year
Lady Shri Ram College for WomenINR 20000 Per YearINR 13000 Per Year

LSR vs SRCC: Courses

Lady Shri Ram College for women

LSR is best known for its humanities and social science courses. However, it also offers Bsc course in mathematics, statistics and a course in commerce. It offers a professional course in journalism and elementary education. The college also offers a one-year diploma programme in Conflict transformation and peacebuilding.

The list of undergraduate departments is as follows:

SociologyPhilosophyCommerceElementary EducationComputer Science
HistoryB.A. ProgrammeMathematicsSanskritPhilosophy
Political ScienceEnglishJournalismPhysical Education

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Shri Ram College of Commerce is well known for its commerce based courses. It offers two courses at the undergraduate level i.e.B.A.(Hons.) Economics and B.Com (Hons). It also offers three courses at the postgraduate level i.e M.A.(Economics), M.Com and Postgraduate diploma in global business operations(PGDGBO).

The list of departments is as follows-

Physical EducationPolitical Science
MathematicsComputer Science

LSR vs SRCC: Brand Value

Both SRCC and LSR have immense brand value, both being the top colleges in their domain.

However, Shri Ram College of Commerce has always ranked first for decades whereas LSR was among the top 5 so many argue and place SRCC above LSR.

However recently LSR is being ranked above SRCC as per the NIRF rankings. Thus if a student is planning to pursue a humanities course then the preference would be LSR whereas a commerce major should choose SRCC.

LSR vs SRCC: Infrastructure

Lady Shri Ram College has one of the best infrastructural facilities at Delhi University. The old building of the college has its charm whereas the new building has a modern look. The buildings have ramps which makes accessibility for students using wheelchairs easier. The equal opportunity cell ‘REACH’ in collaboration with NSS helps in access to reading materials and laptops easier for students with disabilities.

The college has an auditorium along with a balcony seating which can seat around 700 people easily. Though there are no air conditioners, the breath-taking performances are to die for. Some infrastructural facilities include an on-campus bank, bookstore, library, medical room, on-campus housing, projector enabled classrooms and computer labs. The college has the best lawns in the entire university and also won the first prize in the 63rd flower show of the university.

For food facilities, the college has a cafe, Nescafe and a mother dairy booth that serves good quality food at reasonable prices. The college also has a parking facility restricted for the use of faculty members. The only drawback is that the college classroom does not have air conditioners.

Shri Ram college of Commerce

SRCC is one of the few colleges that has tried to maintain international standards in terms of its infrastructure. The college has an entirely centrally air-conditioned building along with an air-conditioned sports complex. It is one of the two colleges that have a swimming pool on campus.

  • Just like LSR, SRCC also has a differently-abled campus with ramps and lifts for easier access to students.
  • Some of the infrastructural facilities include a gymnasium, on-campus residence for both boys and girls, computer labs, library, tutorial rooms, book shop and on-campus bank.
  • The college also has a fully air-conditioned auditorium and a canteen.

LSR vs SRCC: Campus

One of the main differences between these colleges is that SRCC is in the north campus whereas LSR is in the south campus(can also call it an off-campus college ;)). 

The north campus comes with an advantage that the majority of the good colleges lie in the north campus which has a vibe of its own. Since the colleges lie in close proximity there’s an advantage as students can easily visit other colleges for fests and competitions. The disadvantage could be that students might get distracted but that depends from individual to individual. The advantages far exceed from disadvantages.

LSR is technically an off-campus college. It lies in Lajpat Nagar and has a few places to hang out. Some of the only few places to hang out are the GK market and the Lajpat Nagar market. However, the campus is serene and a peaceful place. The lush green campus with flowers in abundance is a treat to the eyes which makes LSR stand out.

LSR vs SRCC: Crowd

Both the colleges have an excellent crowd. You will find not only nerds but all-rounder students who are not only good at academics but also great at co-curricular.

SRCC being a co-ed college has an advantage as there is a balance and represents all the genders which show the true reflection of the society. LSR is an empowering place for girls from different backgrounds and cultures. One thing that you will find about the girls at LSR is that they are opinionated and know how to keep their points well. At LSR you will find empowered girls and will form the best female friendships for a lifetime.

Thus both the colleges are at par in terms of their crowd but if you are from a coed background you might want to consider taking SRCC over LSR.

LSR vs SRCC: Clubs/Societies

Societies form a major part of any student studying at Delhi University.

LSR is one of the only colleges that have a separate period for ECA in their timetable and makes it compulsory for students to complete 150 hours of NSO/NCC or NSS to complete their degrees. The college is a paradise for students with a creative bent of mind and students pursuing a degree in the social sciences. Some of the college societies are-Enactus, elocution society, spic Macay, Western music society, dance society, Projekt-the photography society etc.

LSR has the best dance society in the University. College not only has social science-based societies but also has societies related to commerce and economics. These include department-specific cells like the Entrepreneurship cell under the commerce department, Finance cell under the Economics department, and Delta-data analysis cell under the statistics department.

However, SRCC is a better choice if one wants to be a part of finance and consulting related societies as the college does not have any marketing society and consulting society like 180 DC.

Shri Ram College of Commerce has a plethora of societies ranging from finance, marketing, consulting, economics etc. SRCC is the only college that has a society related to the stock market known as the D-Street. Students wanting to pursue Chartered accountancy also can find their space in the society SRCC-wings of fire. Other societies include enactus, bookclub, finearts society, NSS, Ecell, HRDC, CLIF etc.

LSR vs SRCC: Placements

Shri Ram College of Commerce has one of the best placements in the country at the undergraduate level. In the year 2020-21, the students received 350+ offers and there were 100+ companies. Popular recruiters include BCG, McKinsey and Company, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte etc. Even in the time of covid, the highest package at SRCC stood at 25 lakhs.

To check the full placement report for 2020-21 click here

Lady Shri Ram College for women had the highest placement in the entire Delhi University which stood at 37.8 lakhs P.A. and the average package at INR 7.5 LPA.165 companies visited the campus for placements and 193 students received placements. Popular recruiters include EY, McKinsey and Co, DE Shaw, Bank of America etc. The college placements are not only limited to commerce and economics majors but also extend to departments like History, English, Psychology etc.

To read more about placements at LSR click here.

LSR vs SRCC: Conclusion

SRCC and LSR both have their pros and cons which a student must consider before choosing their college based on their individual preferences.

If a student wants to enjoy their college life by being part of the north campus culture and co-ed environment and seeks to major in commerce or economics they should choose SRCC.

However, if a student likes a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi they can choose LSR. Moreover, if a student plans to do a masters abroad LSR is a better option as it is well renowned abroad and also offers multiple exchange programmes during the three-year tenure at college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LSR better than SRCC

Both the colleges have their pros and cons and a student should weigh them both before making a decision. A student planning to pursue a career in commerce should choose SRCC over LSR.

Is SRCC better than LSR?

Both SRCC and LSR have their advantages and disadvantages.SRCC would be preferable in case a student wants to enjoy the north campus life and a coed environment.

Which is the best college for CA in India?

Undoubtedly SRCC would be a better college if a student is planning to pursue CA. Since SRCC has a less hectic timetable than LSR the student can concentrate more of his time to study for CA. SRCC is also commerce focused college and has a separate society for students pursuing CA.

Is LSR the best college?

LSR is ranked 2 as per NIRF rankings 2021 so it is one of the best colleges but it all depends on the individual preferences and the course a student is planning to pursue.

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