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Maitreyi College v/s JMC, Best in 2022?

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Overview

With the conclusion of board examinations and grade 12 of the students, one major scenario every freshman goes through in their lives is the Cllege hunting phase, while this can be a tedious task as there are so many good options to choose from, its something students enjoy as they are exhilarated to enter this new timeline of their existence.  

Both the college Maitreyi college and JMC AKA Jesus and Mary college have a competing image in the students’ vision and choosing between these two is a challenge. So in this blog we’ll look into some factors such as courses, crowd, cultures etc. of both the colleges that will help the potential students find their right choice! 

And do not worry this is not going to have a Diplomatic conclusion! 

Maitreyi college is an all women’s institution situated in the south campus of the University of Delhi and offers various courses and curriculum in the fields of Commerce, Arts and various Sciences. The college was founded in 1967 and was named after Maitreyi, the Vedic Sage.

Jesus and Mary College or JMC is a constituent institute of the Delhi University and is taken care of by the sisters of the Jesus and Mary Congregation, emerged in France in 1818. The college offers various courses belonging to the science, commerce and arts department.

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Courses and Fees 

Maitreyi College

CoursesTotal Fees
[ ][2 courses]INR 20.94K – 23.64K
[ B.A ] [20 courses] INR 20.94K – 23.64K
UG diploma [2 courses]  INR 17.25K – 20K
[ ] [8 courses] INR 25.17K – 27.87K
[ M.A ] [1 course]INR 15.23K
[ ] [1 course]INR 15.23K

Jesus and Mary College 

CourseTotal Fees
[][ 2 courses]INR 46.83K – 49.83K
[B.A.] [ 24 courses ] INR 46.83K – 49.83K
B.EI.ED [ 1 course] INR 73.76K  
[] [ 1 course] INR 49.83K
[M.A] [ 2 courses ] INR 34.09K
[B.voc] [ 2 courses ] INR 75K

Though both the colleges provide exceptional courses and faculty, JMC has an edge, since it offers courses in vocational studies as well apart from bachelors and masters degrees 

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Brand value 

The rankings are an important factor to consider while enrolling into a particular college or university, and the trust of the students and their guardians on a particular college is determined by the rankings of the institution. Maybe not completely but the position of a particular college in the hierarchy is considered mandatory and is important.  The ministry of human resource releases a ranking list of the top educational institutions via National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) every year. The NIRF report is prepared on the basis of several specifications such as Teaching, Learning, Professional practices, outreach and inclusivity and more. 

The NIRF report of 2021 shows the Maitreyi college placed at the  35th rank, whereas JMC acquired the 41th position. The rankings of 2022 are still due to be announced. The rankings are seen as a brand building activity, as they play an important role in developing a perception into students’ eyes. Thus, to conclude on this avenue, Maitreyi college takes the lead because of its better rankings and therefore better capacity to shine in the candidates’ vision as compared to JMC that stands at the 41st place. 

For the NIRF report 2021 click here.

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Infrastructure 

After considering the brand value, the next thing a freshman considers in a college is the campus and the infrastructural facilities a college provides. The infrastructural facilities of the colleges are as follows: 

Maitreyi CollegeJesus and Mary College
A library consisting of a collection of more than 94000 books, 19 subscribed newspapers and 54 journals.  Library spread over three floors, provides a wide range of newspapers, magazines, books and other printed material.
Cafeteria Cafeteria
GardenGymnasium (indoor and outdoor)
Sports complexSports complex
Hospital and medical facilitiesHospital and medical facilities
Auditorium with a seating capacity of 400, fully air conditioned. Auditorium with a seating capacity of around 600 people. Double storeyed with 6 exits and 2 green rooms and generators for power backup.
Wifi CampusWifi campus
Common RoomShuttle services
Computer centreMultipurpose halls 
Seminar halls Amphitheater 
Amphitheater Chapel and convent
Punjab National BankDifferently abled friendly campus
Gymnasium Audio visual room

Most of the facilities offered by both the colleges are quite similar however there are some points to be noted, though the Maitreyi college is equipped with labs and classrooms, however they are not maintained upto the mark. The hostel of the college is under construction as well. JMC also has remarkable infrastructural facilities which are appreciated by the faculty and the students. The campus of JMC is differently abled friendly as well, and consists of a Chapel and convent too which increases its score in this infrastructural domain. 

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Societies

Both the colleges Maitreyi College and JMC contain cultural and non cultural societies, they are listed below:

The societies of Maitreyi College are listed below : 

  • Zeal : The Western Dance Society
  • Galore : The Fashion Society
  • Riyaaz : The Music Society
  • Abhivyakti : The Theatre Society
  • Trenchant : The Debating Society
  • Nrityakriti : The Indian Dance Society
  • Artisto :  The Fine Arts Society
  • Vista : The Photography Society
  • Apollonia : The Western Music Society
  • Enactus 
  • Placement Cell
  • Heath and Hygiene Society

The various societies of Jesus and Mary College are as follows:

  • Troubadours : The English theatre society
  • Poetry society
  • Mudra : The Western Dance Society
  • Daastan : The Art and Architectural Society
  • English Debating Society
  • Manthan : The Hindi Debating Society
  • Kahkasha : The Hindi Dramatics Society
  • The entrepreneurship cell society
  • Enactus JMC
  • Equal opportunities cell
  • Panorama : The film making and appreciation Society
  • Finance and investment cell
  • Fine arts society
  • Indian culture societies
  • Cauldron : The English Magazine Society
  • Echo : The Western Music Society
  • Mercatus : The Marketing Society
  • JMCMUN society
  • Photography Society
  • Puzzle society
  • Curiosus : The english quiz Society
  • Green society
  • NCC
  • NSO
  • NSS
  • Peace Society
  • Women’s studies centre
  • North east society 

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Crowd

Both the colleges, Maitreyi College and JMC have a decent crowd. Both being all girls institutes, there are safety and protection norms introduced within and outside the college for all the students. The crowd in Maitreyi is diverse and students come from all parts of India. There has been severe measures imposed against ragging in all DU colleges now, so the students can be more friendlier and expand their cultural backgrounds by getting to know people of different races, castes and states. 

According to student responses, the crowd of JMC is quite diverse as majority people are from outside Delhi, but there is no discrimination that prevails. College societies are a good option, if one wishes to meet students of different ethnicities and develop friendships with them. The seniors of both the colleges are helpful and knowledgeable. Depending upon the students and crowd, both the colleges are good and stand at equal position in this arena. 

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Culture 

According to the provisions laid down by the University of Delhi and Maitreyi college, there is a compulsion for every student to attend at least 60% of the lectures, practicals and tutorials held every year to be eligible to take the university examinations. Rules and regulations in accordance to the attendance are strictly imposed, if the students fail to meet the minimum attendance requirements.

The rules laid down by JMC in reference to the attendance requirements, states that 5% for attendance in lectures and tutorials the credit for regularity in attendance in each paper shall be as follows:

  1. More than 67% but less than 70% will be awarded 1 Mark
  2. More than 70% but less than 75% will be awarded  2 Marks
  3. More than 75% but less than 80%  will be awarded 3 Marks
  4. More than 80% but less than 85% will be awarded  4 Marks
  5. More than 85%  will be awarded 5 Marks

The discipline and the values inculcated are upto the mark in both the colleges, therefore the student must research and choose their college depending upon the field of study and what they want from their college. 

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Placements 

The placement cell of Maitreyi College believes in acting as a liaison between the corporate sector and the students. The college organises an annual internship fair, Envision where recruiters from different companies enter the college campus. 

The first placement cell of Delhi University was established in JMC, therefore there are a number of reputable companies who conduct their in person interviews every year in the campus. More than 100 reputed multinational companies like Deloitte, Accenture, Ernst and Young, KPMG, Bain, Wipro etc. recruit students from the college. The placement cell also organises various seminars for skill development of the students. 

Though both the colleges hold equal advantage in terms of the placements they provide, JMC is a better option because of the benefit that its placement cell has been created before any other college. Also in the years of 2019 and 2020, 51.6% of students were placed in their desired companies through Maitreyi College, however, JMC placed 100% of its applying candidates in their desired companies. 

Maitreyi college v/s JMC : Conclusion

Though both the Colleges show exceptional performances in terms of academics, societies, infrastructure and every criteria of judgement, there is still a winner, and that is Jesus and Mary College. Apart from not having a ranking as good as Maitreyi college, JMC is still a better choice, however there are a few exceptions students should consider. This analysis is subjective, it is bound to change for every individual, though there have been figures attached with every analytical scenario, but there is no evidence that Maitreyi College is not good, there are several pros of studying in that institute as well. 

Exceptions to be considered are: 

  • JMC is well known for its Arts and Commerce fields of study, however Maitreyi college specialises in its Science stream courses. 
  • NIRF rankings might be a deciding factor, but students must not consider them as the SOLE factor while choosing a college. 
  • The societies if both the colleges are exceptional, however, here preference has been given to JMC because of more options among the societies. Maitreyi college’s fashion society AKA Galore, is one of the best fashion societies of University of Delhi. 
  • Both the colleges stand at equal points in the domains of culture and crowd, as there is not much difference between the two in that area. 

Therefore, although we have a winner here, students must research about the college of their choice well, and aim to get into it. 

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Maitreyi College v/s JMC : FAQs

Q1) Is JMC college good? 

Answer : Yes, JMC is an outstanding college for academics and co-curricular activities and one of the best colleges of University of Delhi. 

Q2) Is Maitreyi college a girls college?

Answer :Yes, Maitreyi College, is an all girls college located in the south campus of Delhi University. 

Q3) Is JMC a private college?

Answer : No, JMC is not a private college, it is an all girls college, in the South Campus, Delhi University. 

Q4) Which is better, JMC or Maitreyi College?

Answer : Both colleges are good however, JMC is better for Commerce and Arts and Maitreyi for the science stream. 

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