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Motilal Nehru College- A comprehensive guide-2022 | Cutoff, Courses, Placements, etc | MLNC

Motilal Nehru College – An Overview

Motilal Nehru College being one of the largest constituent colleges of University of Delhi, marked its golden jubilee in the year 2014. It has been named after Pandit Motilal Nehru, the great leader and freedom fighter. The college is situated in the South Campus and moved to its current location in 1989. It is also known to be one of the best colleges in South Campus for pursuing Commerce as a field.

There are many other interesting facts to know about Motilal Nehru College ranging from the courses offered, infrastructure, placements, alumni and the amazing societies and clubs that Motilal Nehru College offers. Let’s dive right into it!

Motilal Nehru College – Courses Offered

When it comes to the courses being offered, Motilal Nehru College offers a great variety of them. There are various courses offered both at the Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate levels. Here’s a table with all the courses as well as the fee structure

Courses Fee Structure
B.Com. (Hons. & Prog.)INR 27,300
B.A. (Hons.)(6 courses)INR 27,200
B.A. (Prog.) INR 27,200
B.Sc. (Hons.) (3 courses) INR 32,300
B.Sc (Phys. Science+Comp) INR 32,300
B.Sc (Phys. Science+Chem)INR 32,300
M.A. (2 courses) INR 19,472
M.Com.INR 19,472
Motilal Nehru College- Courses Offered

Motilal Nehru College- Present Curriculum Offered

With the advent of the NEP- New Education Policy in 2020 to bring about a progressive change in the Indian Education System, the structure of the curriculum offered both at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate level underwent a massive change and there have been a number of variations made since then.

In accordance with the New Education Policy (2022), the tenure of undergraduation has now increased from 3 years to 4 years. Not just this, there are also other intricate changes within this major change. For example, multiple exit options have been introduced in the various undergraduate degrees. This means that a candidate, if so desires, can opt out of a course taken after 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year or can choose to complete the entirety of 4 years under the NEP.

If a student exits the course after a year, he shall be awarded Undergraduate Certificate ( in the Field of Study/ Discipline) after securing the requisite credits in both the semesters.

If a student exits after 2 years, he shall be awarded Undergraduate Diploma in the respective field of study.

If a student exits after 3 years, he shall be awarded Bachelor of (in the Field of Study/ Discipline) Honours (3 years).

While if a student to complete all the 4 years of his undergraduation, he shall be awarded with a Bachelor of (in the Field of Study/ Discipline) (Honours with Research/Academic Projects/Entrepreneurship).

Motilal Nehru College- Multidisciplinary Courses

The National Education Policy also brought another landmark change in the way the undergraduate courses are structerised. Now, apart from the core subjects that a candidate undertakes at the undergraduate level, there is also the requirement of undertaking various other multidisciplinary courses alongside to complete their degree.

For example, students across all the semesters are required to choose a General Elective (GE) as a subject alongside their core subjects. Apart from this, Motilal Nehru College also offers Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC), Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) and Value Addition Course (VAC) as a part of the NEP.

Motilal Nehru College offers a variety of subjects under all these additional courses introduced under NEP such as Economics, Computer Science, Financial Literacy, Constitutional Values, Emotional Intelligence, Vedic Mathematics amongst others. This much needed change has been brought to foster all-round development of the student while exposing him to various new and unexplored domains.

Motilal Nehru College- Location and Infrastructure

Motilal Nehru College- Infrastructure and Location
Motilal Nehru College – Infrastructure

Motilal Nehru College is situated in the heart of South Campus on the Benito Juarez Marg, New Delhi. It is also well connected by metro, with the nearest metro station being Durgabai Deshmukh Metro Station. Motilal Nehru College started off in a government school building but then moved to its current location in 1989. The college boasts a sprawling green campus spread across around 9.87 acres.

There are 40+ classrooms housed in various blocks spread around the spacious campus. Motilal Nehru College also has adequate facilities for sports with a number of playgrounds present in the college. There are basketball and volleyball courts, cricket pitch, sports equipment, changing rooms, lockers, etc provided by the college to encourage the sports culture among its students.

Motilal Nehru’s College has one of the largest libraries in the entire University with an extensive collection of over one lakh books, journals, magazines and periodicals. There are also computer sections present for the visually challenged and a Book Bank for to make books accessible for the deserving and needy students. The library is fully automated and IT-enabled with air-conditioned reading rooms. There are also facilities for writing, scanning and printing.

Apart from all this, there are 6 laboratories for the various departments, seminar room, rooms to practice/rehearse cultural activities, organizing seminars, workshops, etc. There’s a girls common room with all the required facilities, rain water harvesting system, medical rooms equipped to meet any medical emergency.

An interesting fact about Motilal Nehru College is also that it provides one of the most affordable canteens in the entire University. Both indoor as well as outdoor seating is available and high quality and hygienic food is provided at extremely affordable rates which every student can devour.

Motilal Nehru College- Campus Life

The college offers a vibrant campus life to its students all-year around. Throughout the year, there are various activities ranging from seminars, workshops, fests, inter and intra-college events that the students can take part in and enjoy that ‘DU’ life. There are also other colleges present around Motilal Nehru College to which the students can go to, explore and make new friends and experience their college life to the fullest.

The nearest area is Satya Niketan which is essentially the hub of all cafes and hangout places in South Campus. At any point of time during the day, one can find the area to be bustling with students flocking to all the popular cafes, lounges, restaurants and having fun. There are various ‘instagram-worthy cafes’ and places to go to in Satya Niketan as it always buzzing with the college crowd looking for new places to explore and hang out at.

Motilal Nehru College- Societies and Clubs

The college offers a diverse range of societies and clubs to choose from. Every student can find atleast one society of their liking and interest and take part in it to get their college experience to the fullest.

First of all, all departments have their own subject societies such as Commerce, Economics, English, Chemistry, History, Mathematics amongst others. These societies organize a number of academic events and other extra curricular activities round the year to keep the students engaged.

The college also has various Cultural Societies and they are as follows-

  • Aadhaar – the Theatre Society
  • Malhaar – the Music Society
  • Electra – the Western Dance Society
  • Bellisimo- the Fashion Society
  • Jhankaar- the Folk Dance Society
  • Chayankan- the Film & Photography Society
  • Abhivyanjana- the Debating Society
  • Kritirang – the Fine Arts Society

The college also has a Women Development Cell which works towards promoting the idea of gender-equality and women empowerment. It holds various seminars, workshops, group discussions, self defense classes, etc to promote an atmosphere free of any sort of gender discrimination on the campus. Besides this, the college also has a Enactus Chapter, North East Student’s Cell, National Service Scheme(NSS), National Cadet Corps(NCC) amongst others.

Motilal Nehru College also has quite an active Students’ Union which is a student elected body and represents the interests of all the students in the college and plays an important part in the decision making process.

Motilal Nehru College- Fests

When it comes to DU, one of the first words that comes in mind is – fest, and rightly so. The fest culture of the university is one of the reasons which make it so diverse and vibrant. Motilal Nehru College also organized its annual cultural fest- Kaafila, which is grand two- day cultural festival that attracts students from not just various colleges but also from various different universities. It comprises a number of competitions in the fields of Dramatics, Music, Dance, Photography, and Fashion. Not just this, there are also cultural events featuring various leading artists and rock bands which make it an absolute treat to attend.

Apart from this, Phoenix– which is a Youth and Cultural Festival is also held annually by the college with various music and dance shows, creative arts and sideshows. Various stars like Papon, Milind Gaba and Salim- Suleman have performed in this fest which makes it a undoubtedly thrilling experience for every student who attends it.

The various societies also organize various annual fests at their level comprising various fun activities and competitions which is sure to keep the students engaged.

Motilal Nehru College- Magazine

The college also publishes its annual magazine- Navaagat– the trilingual magazine (Hindi, English and Sanskrit) which features a diverse range of writeups on various cultural, educational and social activities. The societies of Motilal Nehru College also publish their own annual magazines. For example, Astitva- the annual magazine by the Women Development Cell of the college which features insightful writeups and publications by the various members.

Motilal Nehru College- Placements

One of the most important factors that helps in determining the best college for oneself is the placements that are provided by a particular college. It is extremely important for any aspirant to carefully go through and analyze the past placement records of the college in consideration to make a rational decision while choosing a college.

The Placement Cell of Motilal Nehru College has been quite active during the recent years and has a decent record. As per the Placement report for 2020-21 session, the highest(off-campus) package offered was a whopping 18.75 LPA, while the average was 6.8 LPA which was a massive improvement as compared to the 2019-20 session despite it being a covid year. Placements were offered for almost all courses covering Science, Commerce and Arts. The job profiles largely included- Finance, Audit, Sales, Marketing, etc.

Major companies that visited the college were- KPMG, PWC, D.E. Shaw & Co., Byju’s, Genpact. Decathlon, amongst others. The Placement Cell also organizes regular seminars, webinars, workshops, etc to help hone the skills of the students and make them industry- ready to help them fetch the best offers from the top corporations. The cell strives to help its students achieve various internship and on- campus placement offers by instilling essential skills amongst them. The colleges also hosts an annual Placement and Internship Fair which also helps the students to network with the corporations and the various recruits while also learning and developing interpersonal skills which is extremely in today’s age.

Motilal Nehru College- Alumni

The college also boats a remarkable alumni network, some of which include as follows-

  • Papon, the renowned playback singer
  • Praveen Kumar(Para Athlete) Silver Medalist – Men’s high jump T64
  • Basant Pandey, Founder and CEO-mycbseguide
  • Karan Singh Tanwar, MLA, Delhi Cantt, among many others.

Motilal Nehru College- The Best Parts

Considering all determinants in mind, there are various reasons why Motilal Nehru College could be the best choice for you!

  • One of the best colleges in South Campus– When it comes to South Campus Colleges and even some from the North Campus, Motilal Nehru College easily beats all of them in many respects.
  • One of the best ‘Commerce Colleges’- The Commerce Department of Motilal Nehru College is one of the best in the entire University if you are someone who wants to take admission especially in B.Com(Prog.) or B.Com(Hons.), definitely keep this college in your list.
  • Huge, spacious campus- The college has a huge campus and has various (read: endless) parks and gardens. So, if you are someone who likes greenery and serene environments, this college provides exactly that! It also houses its own sightseeing area, or as students like to call it- the Pahadi, right beside the Canteen Seating area.
  • One of the most affordable colleges– When it comes to the fee structure, Motilal Nehru College easily beats many other colleges as it has got the most affordable fee structure across all courses.
  • One of the most affordable canteens- Not just the curriculum, but even the canteen in the college is super affordable so you can enjoy fresh, delicious snacks without burning a hole in your pocket! (we’re also guilty for this one)
  • Great placement record– If you are looking for a college with a good ROI, this college is your best bet as it offers an amazing placement record.
  • It also has an amazing crowd to offer- Each year, the college sees students from the various corners of the country making the crowd diverse and full of vibrancy. For most of the courses, more specifically honours courses, the crowd is pretty decent.

We hope this guide helped you to gain insights into Motilal Nehru College and helps you in taking the right decision when it comes to choosing your college!

For more such insightful content on colleges, comparisons and more, visit Inside DU.

Frequently Asked Questions –

How can one get admission in Motilal Nehru College?

Earlier, admissions used to take place on the basis of Class 12th Merit but now, from 2022, admissions to all colleges of Delhi University are to be done on the basis of CUET- Common University Entrance Test. It is mandatory for every aspirant to appear for this test to gain admission into the college.

Is there any entrance exam for Motilal Nehru College?

Yes, from 2022, there is an entrance exam that is required to written by every candidate desirous of taking admission in any college of University of Delhi.

Is there hostel facility in Motilal Nehru College?

No, Motilal Nehru College does not offer any hostel facilities as of now. Although, the students can opt to stay in various other Pg’s and Hostels in areas around the college such as Satya Niketan.

What is Motilal Nehru College known for?

Motilal Nehru College is mostly known for its spacious campus that is filled with greenery, affordable canteen, and there being one of the best Commerce Departments in the college while also being highly known for its Arts and Science Courses.

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