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Ramjas vs Venky: Battle For The Best College in 2022

Ramjas vs Venky- which one would you choose? We know when we are provided with so many viable options for the same, we tend to get confused. Thus, here is an in-depth breakdown of the decision- Ramjas vs Venky? To make your life easier.


Ramjas is a college under Delhi University located in the North Campus of New Delhi. It is considered to be one of the founding colleges of Delhi University, along with Hindu College and St. Stephens. It was established in 1917 and was originally part of the Punjab University. It provides various courses under all the streams, for both undergraduate as well as post-graduate students.

Sri Venkateswara College popularly known as Venky is a College under Delhi University located in the South Campus of New Delhi. It was established in 1961. The college offers courses both at the undergraduate level and the postgraduate level. Vocational courses and short-term add-on courses are also offered by the college.

Ramjas vs Venky: Fees

Here is the fees structure for the various courses offered by Ramjas College:

B.Sc {Hons.}₹16,610
BA {Hons.}₹13,495 
B.A {Hons.}₹13,495 

Here is the fees structure for the various kind of courses offered by Sri Venkateswara College:

CourseFees₹12,405 (1st Year Fees)
B.Sc (Hons)₹14,555 (1st Year Fees)
BA (Hons)₹12,405 (1st Year Fees)
M.Sc₹13,191 (1st Year Fees)
BA₹12,405 (1st Year Fees) (Hons)₹12,405 (1st Year Fees)
MA₹13,191 (1st Year Fees)

Ramjas vs Venky: Courses

Venky is known for its excellence in science courses, whereas Ramjas excels in humanities. In both the institutes, there are courses for undergraduate and postgraduate courses provided. The admission is done through the CUET and DUET examinations. Delhi University has recently released new guidelines regarding the compulsory appearance of the students for these entrance examinations if they wish to take admitted to the colleges under it.

Ramjas vs Venky; Brand Value

The overall rating for both the colleges is the same on the internet: Both have secured 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Yet, there is a detailed comparison on other grounds:

Internships and other opportunitiesA highly reputed aspect of Ramjas is, The students are provided with loads of internships and other opportunities that help them further in their future.The students are provided with internships, they can even work with the faculty members on the research papers. This helps mainly in the core building.
Employment OpportunitiesThe placement cell is quite active bringing in various companies. The Placement Cell of Venky is active and works majorly into bringing major firms.
FacultyThe faculty of Ramjas is also well-reputed. The teachers and staff are friendly while also quite knowledgableThe faculty of Venky is considered to be quite a good call. The teachers and other staff members are helpful.
Entrepreneur CellThe entrepreneur cell of Ramjas is comparatively less active. The entrepreneur cell of Venky is considered to be active and resourceful and even the college is quite involved too in producing various new ideas.
Ramjas vs Venky: Comparison

The major attractions for Ramjas are its location in the north campus. The students who get the highest and company might be for schooling in foreign colleges, and it also offered lecturer, LL.B, and UPSC.

The placement cell of Venky apart from the placements, offers internships in various fields, including finance, accounting, marketing, business analytics, and others, for students of all three years.

In the battle for the brand value of Ramjas vs Venky, Ramjas outshines Venky as it has a strong alumni network and was established much before Venky.

Ramjas vs Venky: Infrastructure

Ramjas hostel has a visible division into two blocks and has a decent facilitated hostel. The girls’ hostel has around 40 rooms while the boys’ hostel has around 65 rooms. Both of them are in campus hostels besides this, The college has a library and other basic facilities such as computer labs, auditorium, gym, sports complex, cafeteria, etc.

The college consists of separate labs for various disciplines like maths lab, computer lab, chemistry lab, physics lab, and well-equipped classrooms.

On the other hand, Venky has well-equipped hostel rooms with all modern amenities. The on-campus residential facility is offered to full-time undergraduate students and no NCR residents are allowed to stay in the hostels.

Venky Campus has a fully computerized library and provides various other basic amenities such as a cafeteria, auditorium, labs, etc. The classrooms are amazing and well-equipped, The college has a huge ground that is bifurcated to give various sports facilities like Cricket, Football, Basketball, volleyball, and others.

Ramjas vs Venky: Campus

Ramjas is located at the North Campus which is considered to be more prestigious as it is the oldest one. The North Campus consists of all the colleges and various facilities in close proximity. The colleges in the North Campus are built back in the time, thus, many of the buildings are quite old and are not muchly advanced.

Ramjas is considered to be one of the oldest colleges of Delhi University, and it is quite adorned with gardens and greenery, filled with various plants and its red brick building adds to the DU touch.

Venky is located in the South Campus which is more of a recent or considered different. The campuses and buildings are much more advanced as compared to North Campus. The buildings are also not much old. The campus of Venky is adorned with greenery and various plants too. The campus is much more advanced and feels cleaner.

Ramjas vs Venky: Culture


Ramjas students are exposed to a lot of opportunities in cultural and extra-curricular activities through various societies which help them to hone their skills and get a platform to showcase their talents. There are a lot of societies that the students can become a part of, each having its working, culture, and rituals—for example, Enactus Ramjas, NSS, Drama society, Dance society, etc.

Even in Venky, there is a bucket load of opportunities for the students. There are many societies for extracurriculars such as the photography society, drama society, etc. there are other social service societies too such as Parivartan, Enactus, etc.

The crowd of Ramjas is quite exuberant and societies are quite active. The strength of Venky lies in its vibrant fest and abundant research opportunities it offers.

Sri Venkateshwara College even takes pride in its sports. Many students from Venky have gone to play for nationals, being cricket, badminton, etc. Sports facilities at Venky are far better than those of Ramjas. Another major difference is that Venky has a tranquil ambiance while Ramjas is the most politically active college.

Ramjas vs Venky: Placements

Ramjas College has a placement cell that dedicatedly provides students with the best opportunities in job sectors. The placement cell arranges campus drives in which renowned companies participate. The top companies hire aspirants from relevant fields. The highest salary package is offered at INR 9 LPA and the average salary package is INR 5.6 LPA.

There have been 65+ offers related to internships in various profiles with a varied stipend ranging from 5000 to 50000 The profiles include marketing, graphic designing, digital marketing, content writing, etc.

This year, the placement cell of Sri Venkateswara College managed to get 150 placement Offers for the Departments of Science, Commerce and Arts in top-notch organizations. In this session, 361 Internship offers were made by the top organizations such as Uber, Yes Bank, Teach for India, Viacom 18, and many more.

In the placement drive of 2020, the highest CTC stood at INR 15 LPA whereas the average CTC stood at INR 5.3 LPA. Some top recruiters include KPMG, PwC UK, Deloitte, ABP News, Zomato, and many more.

Ramjas vs Venky: Which one to side with?

To conclude the Ramjas vs Venky debate: both the colleges are good at their own places. It usually depends on the personal preferences of the students, and what they are looking for in their dream college.

Ramjas College is located at the heart of the north campus. Thus, if a person has a personal bias regarding the north campus, which is quite common- they can go for Ramjas.

Yet, on other grounds, Venky is better for students who are from science backgrounds and who wish to dive deep into the field of research. The placements and other opportunities are much better in Venky for science students than it is in Ramjas. Even the sports facilities are better at Venky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ramjas Vs Venky: Which one is better for Humanities Stream?

Ramjas Vs Venky: Ramjas College is considered to be more better for Humanities in terms of Internships and Placements opportunites, while Venky is considered better for science related courses.

Ramjas Vs Venky: Which one is better?

Ramjas Vs Venky: Both the colleges are good at their places, it depends on the personal preferences of the students as to what attracts them more.

Is Ramjas in North Campus?

Yes, Ramjas is located in North Campus while Venky is located in South Campus.

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