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SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Which one is the best? Consider these 5 points.

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Both are constituent colleges of Delhi University and are considered to be amongst the good colleges of DU. Here is a detailed article about which one should you consider between SGGSCC VS Khalsa.

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: About

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Both of these colleges are named after two of the Sikh Gurus of Sikhism. They both are considered to be under the good colleges of Delhi University.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce (SGGSCC) was founded in 1984 and is named after the tenth Sikh Guru. It is the second college of commerce of the University of Delhi. The college is primarily a co-educational English medium institution. The university runs undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in commerce fields. One of its flagship programmes is its B.A.(Honours) Business Economics programme.

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College was established in 1951 and offers courses for science, commerce, and arts in India. In the humanities stream, Khalsa College had set the highest cut-off at 99 per cent for BA (Hons) in Political Science.


SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Courses Offered

SGGSCC offers 17 courses across 5 streams like arts, commerce, and banking, science, IT, medical. UG course admission is based on the merit list, except for BA (Hons) Business Economics (BBE), and Bachelors in Management Studies (BMS).

SGTB Khalsa College comprises 18 undergraduate and 12 postgraduate degree programmes. Additionally, the college offers seven certificate courses, two UG diplomas and a PG Diploma.

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Fees Structure

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Here is the detailed course-wise fee structure provided by both the colleges.

BMS₹44,200 (1st Year Fees)
PG Diploma₹62,240 (Total Fees)
B.Com₹27,200 (1st Year Fees)
B.Com {Hons.}₹27,200 (1st Year Fees)
B.A {Hons.}₹27,200 (1st Year Fees)
B.Sc {Hons.}₹45,200 (1st Year Fees)
Diploma₹62,240 (Total Fees)
Khalsa College
B.A {Hons.}₹20,915 (1st Year Fees)
B.Com {Hons.}₹26,965 (1st Year Fees)
M.Sc₹18,954 (1st Year Fees)
PG Diploma₹33,085 (Total Fees)
B.Com₹26,965 (1st Year Fees)
BA₹20,915 (1st Year Fees)
M.Com₹18,954 (1st Year Fees)

There is a slight difference in the fees structure of SGGSCC VS Khalsa, depending on the quality of services and facilities provided by both the colleges.

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Campus and Infrastructure

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: There are a few basic facilities that are provided by every college and is the same provided by both of them. SGGSCC has secured 4.5 out of 5 stars and Khalsa has secured 4.2 out of 5 stars in the context of infrastructure. Here is a comparison on the infrastructure of both the colleges:

  • Library: A library is the basic facility in every college.

Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce maintains a well-stocked library. The collection of the library at present consists of more than 42848 books, 400 bound volumes of important journals and about 500 CDs. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College library has more than 1,40,000 books, more than 15,000 invaluable manuscripts and other materials on History Religion and Politics adorn its shelves. College provides access to internet in the library reading room.

  • Sports Complex: both the colleges give equal importance and access to sports and fitness. They include basketball courts, cricket ground, gym etc. whereas Khalsa college also has a swimming pool.
  • Hostel: Not all colleges under the DU circuit provide the students with hostel facilities but SGGSCC VS Khalsa, both of them has a well-maintained hostel for the outstation students. CLICK HERE for the hostel of SGGSCC.
  • Other facilities includes a wi-fi campus, auditorium, canteen, ac classrooms, etc. SGGSCC VS Khalsa, both the colleges have a decent infrastructure, but SGGSCC has a slightly upper hand on the facilities and staff.

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Clubs and Societies

Cultural life is what DU colleges are the most famous for. Clubs and Societies play a major role in the overall college life for the students.

Both the colleges have a number of clubs and societies to choose from, they vary from cultural socities, to academic societies and service oriented clubs. The colleges also have extra-curriculars too.

Here are a list of clubs and societies of both the colleges:


  • Fashion Society – IVogue
  • Finance society – Finance and Investment Cell
  • Chess Society – Check Bouncers
  • Economics Society – The Arthashastra Society.[5]
  • Dramatics Society – Manchtantra.
  • The Film and Photography Society – Invictus.
  • The International Cell
  • Enactus SGGSCC.
  • Punjabi Literary Society
  • Dāstaan – The History Society
  • Aakriti – the zoology society
  • Prakriti – botany society
  • Vigour – Bhangra and Gidha society
  • Renaissance – fashion society; deactivated
  • Strokes – fine arts society
  • Ankur – Dramatics society

These are just a few names of the societies available, yet there is a vast multitude of options to choose from based on the preferences of the students.

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Placements

Guru Gobind Singh College’s placement report has not been published yet on the official website. As per NIRF 2022 report, a total of 239 students were placed during Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce placements 2021. Some of the top companies that participated in SGGSCC placements in the past included Bain & Co., EY, Deloitte, Oberoi and KPMG, among many others.

The table below comprises a comparative analysis of the placement statistics collated from the NIRF 2022 report: 

Particulars Statistics (2019) Statistics (2020) Statistics (2021) 
Median package INR 3.60 LPA INR 3.80 LPA INR 5 LPA 
Total students graduated 601 592 587 
Total students placed 223 216 219 
Students who opted out 228 248 324 

Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa College has concluded its placement drive for the batch passing out in 2021. As per the latest report, over 51 recruiters participated and made over 228 placement offers to the students. The highest and average packages offered during the 2021 placement drive were INR 12 LPA and INR 5.4 LPA, respectively. The top recruiters of SGTB KHALSA COLLEGE in 2021 included DE Shaw & Co, Accenture, Deloitte, EY, Wipro, KPMG, PWC, etc.

ParticularsStatistics (2021)
Highest salaryINR 12 LPA
Average salaryINR 5.4 LPA
Median salaryINR 3.3 LPA

SGGSCC VS Khalsa: There is not a detailed report about the placements of Khalsa as compared to SGGSCC, but there is still information about the year of 2021 by Khalsa College.

To conclude- SGGSCC VS Khalsa: Which one should you choose?

After completing the whole article, I am sure you would have been able to conclude on which one to choose from SGGSCC VS Khalsa. Both of the colleges are pretty good and equal in a lot of terms.

It all depends on your personal preferences out of the basis written out. If you have any personal bias on the campus, infrastructure, location, courses, or fees. The decision can be subjective from person to person.

Yet, whichever college you choose, SGGSCC VS Khalsa, is gonna be the best for you, depending on how you make the most out of your college life.


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