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SRCC vs SSCBS, Which is better in 2022? Unique Guide

SRCC vs SSCBS: Overview

Shri Ram College of Commerce was earlier established as ‘The commercial college’ and later transitioned into Shri Ram College of Commerce. It was established by Lala Shri Ram to pave the way for commercial education at the university level in Delhi. SRCC is located in the heart of the north campus. It is ranked 10th as per the NIRF rankings 2021

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies is a premier institute imparting education in management, finance and computer science. It was established in 1987 and is considered the best management school at the UG level in India. It is located in Rohini and is ranked 94th as per the NIRF rankings.


The fee structure for various courses at SRCC and SSCBS is as follows-

CollegeB.Com (Hons.)B.A.(Hons.)
(for 1 year)
INR 15000
(for 1 year)
SRCC fees structure

SSCBS fees structure

SRCC vs SSCBS: Courses

Shri Ram College of Commerce

Shri Ram College of Commerce is well known for its commerce based courses. It offers two courses at the undergraduate level i.e. B.A.(Hons.) Economics and B.Com (Hons). It also offers three courses at the postgraduate level i.e. M.A.(Economics), M. Com and Postgraduate diploma in global business operations(PGDGBO).

The list of departments is as follows-

Computer SciencePhysical Education
Political ScienceEnglish
Courses Available in SRCC

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies is the best undergraduate college for management and offers three courses at the UG level- BMS, BBA(FIA), Bsc Computer Science and is planning to launch B.Sc. Operations Research. It also offers a post-graduate diploma in cyber security and law along with various certificate courses on:

  • FinTech
  • FMAT
  • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Digital Marketing

SRCC vs SSCBS: Brand Value

SSCBS recently completed 35 years of its existence whereas SRCC is a 96-year-old college. Both the colleges have an immense reputation in terms of their brand value, however, SRCC is on a stronger footing when compared with SSCBS majorly because of its alumni network and long-standing history.

SSCBS has made a remarkable mark for itself considering its recent establishment. You will find a majority of CBS graduates at top IIMs and it is not far behind SRCC to catch up.

SRCC vs SSCBS: Infrastructure

Shri Ram College of Commerce

SRCC is one of the few colleges that has tried to maintain international standards in terms of its infrastructure. The college has an entirely centrally air-conditioned building along with an air-conditioned sports complex. It is one of the two colleges that have a swimming pool on campus. SRCC also has a differently-abled campus with ramps and lifts for easier access to students.

Some of the infrastructural facilities include a gymnasium, on-campus residence for both boys and girls, computer labs, library, tutorial rooms, book shop and on-campus bank.The college also has a fully air-conditioned auditorium and a canteen. The famous clock tower located in the heart of the college is a centre of attraction.

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies has state of art facilities as it has a newly developed infrastructure. Its campus extends to 5 acres and is fully air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled. It has a two-floor balcony auditorium and lush green lawns with an open amphitheatre. It is CCTV enabled and has residence hostels for both boys and girls. The college has meeting and board rooms along with creative co-working spaces for the society members of the college. The college also has a canteen and Nescafe for the food requirements of the students. You can find beautiful artworks in various parts of the college along with a bulls and bears statue at the entrance.

SRCC vs SSCBS: Campus

SRCC is located on the north campus whereas SSCBS is an off-campus college. North campus is considered the hub of college students in Delhi and has a completely different environment and vibe of its own. Multiple colleges in the same area allow students to participate in various events happening in other colleges as well. 

CBS being an off-campus college suffers from the limitation of not being able to network with students from other colleges. However, the competitive environment of CBS allows for better growth of a student which one might miss out on in SRCC. Students at SSCBS are selected after a rigorous competitive exam unlike on the basis of cut-offs in SRCC.

SRCC vs SSCBS: Crowd

Since both are some of the top colleges in the field of management and commerce they have an amazing crowd.  Students in SRCC are the ones who have mastered the art of cracking board exams whereas CBSites have excellent aptitude skills and have cleared competitive exams to get through.

However since the admission criteria at CBS also involve a GD-PI round, it ensures that students are not only great at their subjects but also have a general working knowledge of the things happening around them. However, it will not be fair to call all the students at SRCC nerds because you will find a lot of all-rounders in the college. However the competition in SRCC is immense which might become toxic for some students.

SRCC vs SSCBS: Clubs/Societies

Shri Ram College of Commerce has multiple societies ranging from marketing, finance, economics, consulting etc. SRCC is the only college that has a society related to the stock market known as the D-Street. Students wanting to pursue Chartered accountancy also can find their space in the society SRCC-wings of fire. Other societies include Enactus, book club, fine arts society, NSS, E-cell, HRDC, CLIF etc. However the college has an extremely toxic society culture which a student must consider before joining any society.

To know more about other societies visit website

SSCBS has societies ranging from consulting, finance, human resource, photography, debating and dance. The college also has some unique clubs such as the operations and supply chain club, Finance advisory forum, CEO club, public relations forum, and law forum to name a few. It is a heaven for any finance enthusiast wanting to get into any field related to management.

To know more about other societies visit

SRCC vs SSCBS: Placements

Shri Ram College of Commerce has one of the best placements in the country at the undergraduate level. In the year 2020-21, the students received 350+ offers and there were 100+ companies. Popular recruiters include BCG, McKinsey and Company, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte etc. Even in the time of covid, the highest package at SRCC stood at 25 lakhs.

To check the placement report for 2020-21 Click Here

Shaheed Sukhdev College for Business Studies has a placement ratio of 92 per cent which is one of the highest in the entire University. The highest package stood at INR 19.25 LPA with an average package of INR 8.32 LPA. Top recruiters include Bain and Company, BCG, Mckinsey and Co., KPMG, PWC etc.

To check the placement report for 2020-21 Click Here

SRCC vs SSCBS: Conclusion

SRCC and CBS have an excellent track record and a student would not regret taking any of the two colleges. If an individual wants to get into a top B-school in India or get into a consulting/finance role then one may prefer CBS. However, if a student wants to pursue a professional course like CA or wants to get into a B School abroad then they could choose SRCC.

Moreover, it also depends on the course preference of the student as SRCC offers B.Com Honors and Economics Honors whereas CBS offers BMS and BBA(FIA).

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SRCC vs SSCBS: Frequently asked questions

Is SSCBS better than SRCC?

It all depends on the career goals of the student. A student wanting to pursue a finance-based course and get directly into a corporate role should choose SSCBS over SRCC.

Is SRCC better than SSCBS?

Both the colleges have their pros and cons. SRCC is a good choice if a student wants to pursue an MBA abroad or wants to pursue a career in pure economics. Moreover, SRCC provides a better college life as it is located in the north campus.

Is SSCBS a good college?

Undoubtedly SSCBS is a great college. It is one of the best management colleges at the UG level in India and provides some of the best on-campus placements. One will get to compete with the best minds in the country.

Is SSCBS a government college?

Yes SSCBS is a government college which was established in 1987 as a fully government-funded college under UGC.

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