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Top PGs near South Campus | An insightful guide to hunt for the perfect PG | 2023

You were an ardent DU aspirant and you finally got in!!  Living in Delhi and pursuing undergraduation from the University of Delhi was your ultimate dream. You finally left your hometown and came to Delhi to live your dream. Just like you, there are thousands of students who come to Delhi every year and the first and foremost question that comes to their minds is living and accommodation. Now, in a city with a density such as Delhi, it becomes extremely hard and tiring to find the perfect accommodation near your respective college.

Now, as an outstation student coming to Delhi, you can choose to stay in the hostel your college provides, rent a flat, or stay in a PG. The problem comes when your college does not provide hostel or residential facilities. Coming to renting a flat, you usually need some flat- mates to rent the flat together with you and this might be a task- to find like-minded people who would like to share a living space with you. The only viable option left then is to go for a PG.

This article will cover the determinants that you, as a student should keep in mind while choosing a PG and will also list out few of the Top PGs in South Campus.

Here are a few of the factors to definitely keep in mind while selecting a PG for yourself:

  • Location of the PG
  • Distance from your college
  • Rent charged
  • Provision of food
  • Electricity and other utility bills
  • Safety protocols followed, etc.

PG 1:

Stanza Living

Stanza Living: In whole of Delhi, not just the South Campus, Stanza Living is one of the most popular and far-spread providers of residential facilities for both students and working professionals. They have a number of PGs that they provide across South Campus. For example, Kyoto House, Tokyo House, Hiroshima House, Nagoya House, etc with most of them being in Satya Niketan which is the hub for almost all PGs and flats in South Campus. Most of these PGs are close to the various colleges of South Campus, like LSR, Maitreyi College, KMC, Gargi College, ARSD, MLNC, etc. It provides PGs for both boys and girls.

The most important thing that comes to mind while deciding is the rent. As for Stanza Living, the rent differs for all their residencies and also depends on the room occupancy. Roughly, it ranges between INR 13,299 per month to anywhere around INR 20,499 per month.

Now, coming to the other facilities, Stanza Living claims itself to be “new age and fully tech enabled”. It provides both single as well as multiple occupancy. It is fully air-conditioned and has other facilities such as professional housekeeping, attached washrooms, high speed wifi, hot and delicious meals, biometric security, etc. They also have an app- Stanza Living – Resident App to access all the amenities. They also give a lot of emphasis on the culture and the ‘vibe’ they provide to make the residents feel at home.

Stanza Living PG - Tokyo House
Tokyo House- Stanza Living

To read more about them, visit their website Stanza Living.

PG 2:

Zolo Stays

Zolo Stays: ZoloStays is another name in this field when it comes to providing PGs. They provide accommodation facilities across Delhi for both girls as well as boys. In South Campus, some of their PGs include Zolo Youth, Zolo Amigos that are in Satya Niketan and the nearby colleges are Sri Venkateswara College, ARSD College, MLNC, etc with the nearby metro station being Durgabai Deshmukh Metro Station. It provides both single as well as multiple occupancy in its PGs.

As far as the rent goes, it depends on the type of occupancy you take, single or multiple. It also differs across their separate residencies as well. The rough estimate would be anywhere between INR 7,650- 16,200 and above depending upon the particular PG you pick.

It also provides fully furnished and air- conditioned rooms with high speed wifi connection, nutritious food(on subscription), housekeeping, laundry services, etc. One important thing to note would be that the electricity charges is not included in the monthly rent that you pay, it will be rather charged based on the individual consumption which also is the case with most of the PGs that you would come by in Delhi. The security provided is also quite good with biometric scan, CCTV and a dedicated caretaker available. In some of their residencies, food isn’t provided but since most of them are placed in densely populated areas, there are plenty of options to order from or dine-in.

Zolo Youth PG- ZoloStays
Zolo Youth- ZoloStays

To read more about the facilities that they provide, visit ZoloStays.

PG 3:

Hive Hostels

Hive Hostels: You can also see many hostel-cum-PGs provided by Hive Hostels in DU South Campus. They also provide various residencies such as Eden by Hive, Daisy by Hive, Blossom by Hive, Jade by Hive to name a few. Most of them are in Satya Niketan and are situated near to the South Campus Colleges like LSR, KMC, Maitreyi, MLNC, etc. The nearest metro station is Durgabai Deshmukh Metro Station(Pink Line). They provide accommodation for both girls as well as boys. It has both single and multiple occupancies available.

The rent again depends on the particular property you end up selecting and the kind of occupancy and amenities provided there but it starts from INR 15,000 and goes up considering the various other factors as mentioned.

As far as the facilities provided, they claim to provide fully-air conditioned rooms with professional laundry service, high speed wifi, delicious meals, etc. What’s different in Hive Hostels is that they also claim to provide gym facilities which is an added bonus if you are someone who is into fitness. It also claims to provide rooftop dining. For taking care of the security of its residents, there is 24/7 CCTV surveillance and biometric scanning. They claim to provide a “holistic living experience” to all the students.

Daisy by Hive Hostels/PG
Daisy by Hive Hostels

To read more about the facilities they provide, visit Hive Hostels.

PG 4:

Kozie PG

Kozie PG: Coming to exclusive girls PGs, Kozie PG provides accommodation facilities exclusively to the female students. They provide a number of PGs in N Block Greater Kailash-1 and is situated extremely close to colleges like LSR, Jesus and Mary College, Gargi College, Dyal Singh College, etc. The nearby metro stations are Moolchand Metro Station and Kailash Colony Metro Station( both on the violet line). So if you are someone who is in any of the aforementioned colleges and are looking for a girls PG, this one can be considered. It provides both single as well as multiple sharing rooms.

As far as the rent goes, it again depends on the occupancy of the room you select and the various facilities provided. But on an average the room rent varies between INR 12,000 to 20,000.

The facilities provided here include housekeeping, laundry, wifi connectivity, meals at all three times, etc. The PGs are located in gated colonies which further enhances the security aspect alongwith CCTV surveillance and curfew timings in place. The security is taken care of by their own night guards as well as colony guards patrolling 24/7. Since security is a major determinant, especially considering girls PGs, it is extremely important that a PG takes great care of that aspect as well.

Image by Kozie PG- Facilities
Image by Kozie PG

To read more about it, go to their website Kozie PG.

There are innumerable PGs that you can find across Delhi. Taking the particular case of South Campus, since the colleges are a bit far from each other ( in comparison to the North Campus), look for a PG that is relatively near to your college as distance to and fro college is also a major factor which comes into play. The above mentioned PGs are only a few of the lot which provide accommodation facilities for the paying guests so don’t be just restricted to the ones mentioned.

One other important factor to keep in mind is to read and compare the reviews of the PGs you choose so that you can be well aware of the experiences of the past residents and can then take an informed decision. Before selecting any PG, it is also advisable to once visit the property offline so that you can get a better idea of the exact location and can have a look at the facilities provided so that you can be sure of what you are selecting. We hope this article was helpful and assists in you making a correct choice regarding your ‘second home’.

To read more such insightful articles on colleges, comparisons, courses, etc, visit Inside DU.

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