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Why to choose women’s college of Delhi university: 5 exclusive things at women’s college

women’s college Delhi university

There is a lot of misconception regarding the women’s colleges of University of Delhi. They are mostly considered highly anti-men or feminist, and are believed to be boring where in you cannot have a fun college life which every fresher looks for.

But the reality of these women’s college of Delhi university is quite different and you get to experience this when you try to investigate the true beauty of women’s college of Delhi university. There is this common doubt in the minds of the parents, students and the aspirants that will it be all boring or they just do not want to get out of their comfort zone of co-ed school that they have studied in.

The fact that the women’s colleges of Delhi university have a long history and hold the roots of great women leaders and nationalist fighters, it makes to study in these colleges more valuable.

History of women’s college of Delhi university

Women’s college of Delhi university have a long-grown history which can be traced back in the early 90s. These women’s colleges hold the story of struggle of women, their sacrifices, and their voices to get the equal right to education as men. These colleges were established after the age long war by women to be able to get the education even if it requires studying separate from the men and have their own separate colleges, as this would at least make other households also send their daughters for higher studies.

The Indraprastha college for women is the oldest women’s college in Delhi university, imagine it having its great share in the struggles of women rights, equality and educational progress, the college was established in 1924. The lady shri ram college for women was established in July 1976. There are very many women’s colleges in Delhi university which hold this pride of being the firsts at the time when women were considered as mere objects.

List of women’s colleges of Delhi university

Aditi Mahavidyalaya
Bhagini Nivedita college
Bharti college
Daulat ram college
Gargi college
Indraprastha college for women
Institute for home economics
Janki devi memorial
Jesus and marry college
Kalindi college
Kamla Nehru college
Lady Irwin college
Lady shri ram college for women
Lakshmibai college
Maitreyi college
Mata Sundari college for women
Miranda house
Shaheed Rajguru college for applied science for women
Shyama prasad Mukherjee college for women
Vivekananda college
list of women’s college of Delhi university
Indraprastha college for women

Exclusive experiences of women’s college of Delhi university

There are some things that you would find exclusive in women’s college, which might prove most of the misconceptions wrong. The college experience is once in a lifetime, and you would not regret after getting an admission into an women’s college of Delhi university.

Some of the excusive experiences you will get in women’s colleges are-

Being a part of age-old fight for women equality

You would to feel the pride of entering a women’s college of Delhi university, as the environment provided there makes you empowered, you will relate to the struggles of the fellow women, you will understand how there is still a long way to bring this equality and will understand the years old history of the college you get into.

Women friendship

Sis code or sister code is a very undermined in our society, but is the most understanding friendship you will find. In women’s college you will see your fellow classmates cheering so loud for you whenever you do something, after winning a competition your female friends will hype you, celebrate you, make you feel powerful and empowered. Female friendship is a gem and you can find it in women’s college.

Floor to express yourself

Women’s college of Delhi university provides a protected environment for women, where they can express themselves the way they want to. In the world where women are judged for every little thing they do, they way, or speak, women’s college of Delhi university provides you with a safe environment yet at the same time an environment which lets you be you. This gives you the courage to talk about issues in the present and gives you the courage you need to speak about these issues in public as well.

New experience

You might have been in a co-ed school all your life before, but do not undermine women’s college, there you will experience how women supports other women, you will enjoy fun fests, you will find amazing female friends, you will be free to do what you feel like and speak your heart out. And yes, there will be a lot of fun, competitions, fests, movie screenings, and lot more.


It is considered that there is more equal treatment when it comes to women’s colleges as women try to build a safe and warm environment for all communities, PWD, differently abled people, LGBTQIA+ community. So, you will find an open-minded environment where you will get space to learn so much from others experiences.

With CUET being introduced where you can choose the sequence of the colleges you want to get in, women who want to study but their parents are conservative and will not send them to a co-ed college gets a chance to study further for higher education in women’s college. This lets them continue their education from a national university.

Women’s college of Delhi university will provide the experience of your lifetime, where in you will be able to enjoy beautiful campus and gardens, healthy environment, free and equal treatment, a platform to express yourself and grow, so much fun and enjoyment. There is also a great relatability factor you will find in women’s college of Delhi university, because most of the girls might have been through the same experiences in life and you will find the best set of friends who will understand the exact way and also the fact that girls come from all across the country to study at the most renowned college of India.

In total, the whole environment of women’s college of Delhi university is very safe and fun, you can dress up or dress down, no one will judge you, you will be your own star and there will be always other women to cheer or hype you up so that you feel the best in your own self.

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What are the benefits of attending a women’s college of Delhi University?

You will meet some amazing bold, confident women, either being your professors or you peers, you will know the importance of women supporting women and experience freedom to express and be the way you want to.

How does a women’s college environment contribute to empowering female students?

It is said you are the reflection of your surrounds, and if you are surrounded by people who are themselves empowered and help you too, you will to feel confident. The environment of women’s college is all about supporting and hyping up fellow women.

Can you provide examples of successful alumnae from women’s colleges of Delhi University?

There are many great women who are the alumnae from women’s colleges of Delhi university like Naina Lal Kidwai pass out of LSR is an Indian banker, CA, and business executive. She is also a former President of the FICCI. Gita Gopinath from LSR is an Indian-American economist who has served as the first deputy managing director of the (IMF). Mallika Sherawat is alumnae of Miranda House. Nandita Das, Indian actress and filmmaker is pass out of Miranda House. There are many more like, Neha Dhupia from Jesus and Mary college.   

Are there any misconceptions about attending women’s colleges of Delhi University that you would like to address?

Yes, there are many misconceptions regarding studying in women’s college, like women studying there must be anti-men or misandrist, but it is not so, girls of women’s colleges do have a strong opinion of the issues of the society, they talk about equality not only based on gender but other aspects as well, they get the free floor to express their views and understand what others have to say. It is rather a very acceptable environment.

What is the overall campus experience like at women’s colleges within Delhi University?

The overall campus experiences will be very healthy and safe, you will not be judged by anyone around and you will see women growing and in fact thriving at the best.  

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